Latin women overwhelmingly favor Barack Obama over Mitt Romney 74 percent to 21 percent in the upcoming presidential election, providing the president with an enormous 53-point gender gap, far more than the 12 point margin among all women voters.

New polling from impreMedia/Latino Decisions provided to Secrets also finds a 29-point gender gap among Hispanic men that favors Obama, a shocking challenge to national polling that has consistently found male voters favoring Romney. While national polls show Romney winning men 52 percent to 44 percent, Hispanic men prefer Obama 61 percent to 32 percent in the new poll.

Overall, Obama holds a 68 percent to 26 percent lead among Hispanics and the pollsters said that a majority of Latinos plan to vote.

Sylvia Manzano of Latino Decisions said the results are "very bad news" for Romney and the GOP and the result of "hostile rhetoric" on immigration, the Republican opposition to the Dream Act and a belief that Democrats are better on their issues than the GOP. For example, when asked which party Hispanics trust more to address women's issues, Democrats win 78 percent to 13 percent among Latino women; 68 percent to 19 percent among Latino men.

As bad as the numbers look, they don't show a major change from the 2008 election when Obama won 68 percent of the Hispanic vote compared to 31 percent for Sen. John McCain. Reports from the Romney campaign, however, indicate that the Republican believes he needs 38 percent of the Latino vote to beat Obama.