Hispanic activists are wasting no time pressuring President Obama to give them their due for flooding the polls for his reelection.

Citing exit polls that show Obama received up to 71 percent of the Latino vote, Hispanic and pro-immigration reform groups are urging the president to move fast to use his election mandate to pressure foes into an immigration deal.

"President Obama unquestionably owes this historic victory to 71% of the Latino vote," said the DRM Action Coalition which promotes the DREAM Act to provide children of undocumented workers special access to college. The group said that their big vote was motivated by Obama's decision to let those children stay in the United States.

And it prompted them to storm Mitt Romney with protests and complaints. "Today's election result shows that being against the DREAM Act and immigration is no longer good politics for the Republican Party if they plan to win the Latino vote in the future," they added.