White House officials are expected to unveil an infrastructure plan next week that will largely focus on improving rural economies through improved transportation, internet access, and other resources, according to a leaked document.

The $1 trillion plan circulated by the Trump administration, which Axios obtained on Monday, would allocate 25 percent of the total appropriation to a rural infrastructure program in parts of the U.S. that currently lack high-speed internet and public transit, and whose roads and bridges are in disrepair. The program would also aim to improve water supply and maritime ports in areas where both are lacking.

According to the proposal, states that are currently facing an infrastructure crisis would receive block grant funding for rural areas with fewer than 50,000 residents. The amount made available to each governor would be based on the rural area in one state in relation to all states, and the total adjusted rural population.

The Trump administration hopes that by allowing state governments to determine what to do with the funding they receive would boost public-private partnerships.

"States are incentivized to partner with local and private investment for completion and operation of projects under this program," the document reads.

Trump has long talked about pursuing a bipartisan infrastructure plan that would address structurally deficient transportation systems and roads, curb traffic congestion in major metropolitan areas, among other proposals. Sources close to the White House have said the plan would aim to reduce federal government spending on infrastructure and encourage private investments.

The president is expected to roll the plan out before or during his first State of the Union address next Tuesday.