Going after Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., for her recent pledge to "take out" President Trump is as silly as when people attacked former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for promoting the infamous congressional district bullseye map.

Neither incident is a genuine call to violence, and stating otherwise requires that one be severely dishonest or misinformed — or maybe a bit of both.

The California congresswoman criticized the president earlier this month during an address at a pro-LGBT benefit gala at the Ali Forney Center in New York City.

"Wow, what a moving evening this is," Waters said. "I'm sitting here listening, watching, absorbing, thinking about Ali even though I never met him."

She added, "And with this kind of inspiration, I will go and take Trump out tonight."

The crowd went wild.

Now, it's important to remember that Waters is the self-declared leader of the so-called anti-Trump resistance. It's also important to remember that she has stated on several occasions that she has plans to impeach the president. This is almost certainly what she was referring to during her remarks at the gala. Big talk on impeachment is sort of her entire shtick right now. Waters wasn't actually suggesting she felt like killing the president.

Nevertheless, some on the Right have characterized the congresswoman's remarks as "dangerous. Some have even accused her of outright promoting violence against the president.

"It's been only four months since Rep. Steve Scalise was shot by a Bernie Sanders fan, but did one of his colleagues advocate violence against the president of the United States?" asked American Mirror's Kyle Olson, who also referred to Waters as a "one-note impeachment minstrel" (subtle!).

Townhall's Timothy Meads meanwhile referred to the congresswoman's remarks as "careless and dangerous."

"Opaque statements like those are what madmen cling to and use as fodder for violent rampages," he added, conceding that, "It is not exactly obvious what Waters meant by ‘take out Trump tonight.'"

He added, "Unhinged Democrats routinely talk about impeachment, but have never offered any proof that President Trump has ever violated the Constitution. As the crowd cheered Waters on at the Ali Forney gala, who knows whether they knew she was talking about impeachment or some other insidious form of removal."

FoxNews.com ran a none-too-subtle headline that reads, "Rep. Maxine Waters says she wants to 'take out' Trump."

Waters' GOP challenger, Omar Navarro, has also called on law enforcement officials to arrest his opponent.

"I'm calling for the arrest of Maxine Waters," he announced on social media. "Let's get ready for it."

Oh, please. It was silly in 2011 when reporters and pundits feigned outrage over Palin's congressional district map, accusing the former governor of inciting violence with dark political rhetoric. This Waters stuff is nearly as silly.