It's not just President Trump who is giving up on the media with a body slam. Now the left is jabbing the news industry.

"Good lord, I stopped turning on the TV news," teacher's union president Lily Eskelsen Garcia told a convention of National Education Association members in Boston Sunday.

"Remember ‘news'?" she added.

While Trump and the White House have condemned biased and "fake news" reports about their action and agenda, Garcia said said her focus was on the media's attention given to the president and the union's top foe, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

In a speech to the 2017 NEA Representative Assembly, she declared war on the duo.

"We know who Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos are. They show us every day. And I believe them. They show us every time we watch the news. By the way, how many of you can hardly stand to watch the evening news anymore?" she said before detailing her abandonment of the media:

Good lord, I stopped turning on the TV news. Which is ironic, because for many years, current events was how I began my day with my sixth graders.

Every morning, my kids could get extra credit if they reported on an article they read in this thing called a "newspaper". Remember "news"? Remember "paper"? Good times.

They had to summarize it; explain what was happening; give an opinion. Then the class got to give their own opinions. And they got to ask their own questions. In my class you got a jellybean for a good answer. You got two jellybeans for a good question — and all my kids had cavities. Now, THAT would be a fun measurement on a teacher evaluation.

During the 2016 presidential election, the NEA backed Hillary Rodham Clinton, hanging a pro-Clinton banner across the entrance of the Washington headquarters five blocks from the White House.

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