Bill Maher, a noted Democratic donor and high priest of the Church of Anti-Theists, drew the ire of Twitter users Thursday evening after he compared the Islamic terrorist group Hamas to a “crazy woman.”

“Dealing [with] Hamas is like dealing [with] a crazy woman who's trying to kill [you] - [you] can only hold her wrists so long before you have to slap her,” the host of HBO's “Real Time” said in the offending tweet.

The comparison obviously didn't go over well as the Twitter outrage machine came to life and dozens of users moved to condemn the ill-conceived joke, proudly announcing that -- unlike Maher -- they don't believe Hamas is like a “crazy woman.”

Here's a small sample:

Of course, it would be interesting to find out if these same people are at all familiar with Maher’s particular brand of comedy. I mean, the above joke really shouldn’t come as a surprise to, well, anybody.

This is what Maher does!

He’s a smug crank who makes stupid and inflammatory remarks, his HBO audience claps like trained seals and he goes home with a handsome paycheck.

Did Twitter outrage just discover Thursday night that Maher says nasty things? Or are there arbitrary rules regarding which nasty jokes are permissible and which are worthy of outrage?