No wonder President Obama’s team is mad at Jim Lehrer. He screwed up their debate strategy by not bringing up the “47 percent” video like they had expected him to do.

Before the debate, Robert Gibbs predicted that Obama wouldn’t need to get his hands dirty attacking Mitt Romney on that issue.

“I have no doubt that the moderator is going to ask Romney maybe to spend a little bit more time telling us more elegantly, in his words, what he meant by what he said,” Gibbs said to The Huffington Post two day ago. HuffPo explained that Gibbs was saying why “he doesn’t expect Obama to need to bring up those comments much in the debate.”

Gibbs made that comment after joking that Obama would mention the 47 percent video 47 times

So, Obama spent the whole debate waiting for Lehrer to hit Romney with a question about the video and it never happened — whether because they ran out of time or because Lehrer wasn’t going to do Obama’s dirty work for him, we can’t know for sure.