Lena Dunham, known for her role on the HBO series "Girls," debuted a photo collage and lengthy blog post Saturday afternoon detailing her time spent on the campaign trail earlier this week with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Dunham is one of a handful of female millennial celebrities, including Katy Perry and Demi Lovato, to recently endorse Clinton at public rallies. Unlike others who have joined Clinton for one-time gigs, Dunham is stumping for her. The actress has traveled to six cities to give seven speeches throughout the week.

"I'm not just here to tell you why you should vote, although you definitely have to vote, vote hard, and vote often," Dunham wrote, paraphrasing her speeches. "While Hillary Clinton's anatomy is not the reason I'm voting for her, I believe that nothing will send a stronger message to America and the world at large than electing a competent, experienced, and brilliant woman to the highest office in the land."

The 30-year-old said she has admired Clinton since the age of six and was determined to assist the former secretary of state's presidential campaign in any way she could.

Their relationship began last year when Dunham was given the opportunity to interview Clinton on both personal and political matters for the first issue of Lenny Letter, a publication she launched.

From there, Dunham said she chose to act on her interest in Clinton by joining the team to deliver remarks in Boston, Ma., Manchester, N.H.; Portsmouth, N.H.; Des Moines and Iowa City, Iowa.

On the road, Dunham met fellow Clinton supporter Abby Wambach, a retired U.S. women's soccer player, and the director of communications for the Iowa campaign team, Lily Richards, the daughter of Planned Parenthood president, Cecile.

Although Dunham's trip concluded earlier this week, she said she may rejoin Clinton on the trail in the future.