In a letter to Gov. Bob McDonnell, leaders from nine Northern Virginia cities and counties asked for more money from the overflowing state coffers.

The letter, released Wednesday night, applauded the state's $311 million surplus, but pointed out that the state had that surplus because it cut funding for state programs run by local governments in a time when local tax revenues are uncertain. Northern Virginia paid a total of $30 million in "mandated subsidies" to the state over the past three years, the letter said.

Northern Virginia officials asked the governor to restore those local contributions in the next budget cycle, even if he couldn't give them any of the surplus money.

McDonnell said Wednesday that most of the surplus money is already appropriated, and the rest is going to reserves designed to help those hurt by April storms, mitigate the damage expected from looming federal cuts, and to pay into the state's pension plan.

McDonnell is expected to announce additional surplus money next week, once final numbers are tallied.