Mara is just another political opportunist

Re: "Patrick Mara for D.C. Council," April 9

Along with the Washington Post, the DC Chamber of Commerce and others, The Washington Examiner's Jonetta Rose Barras has decided that Patrick Mara represents the best choice for the at-large council seat in the upcoming special election. She appears to have come to that conclusion by utilizing the very scientificprocess of elimination.

She appears to have come to that realization after discerning that "[Anita] Bonds definitely is not the right person for the council. Neither Perry Redd nor Paul Zukerberg should receive voters' attention." She similarly dismisses Matthew Frumin and Elissa Silverman for various reasons, which leaves Mara, a moderate Republican, as her top choice because he "would bring diversity to the council. ..."

Give me a break! The only thing Mara would bring to the council is another opportunist seeking the best part-time job in the country.

What has Mara done to deserve Barras' endorsement? Can he point to his stellar record as a member of the school board or his civic activities? Or is it his capitulation to Grover Norquist's no-tax pledge?

Like the city itself, the council is at a crossroads. Within just a few elections, new, vibrant and more qualified individuals will manifest themselves. Until then, D.C. voters must resist the urge of electing a charlatan such as Mara.

Marvin E. Adams


Duplicitous council members should retire

Re: "MontCo council members accuse planners of caving to Walmart," April 3

Democrats George Leventhal and Marc Elrich, the Laurel and Hardy of the Montgomery County Council, were at it againwhen they arrogantly belittled fellow county officials on the Planning Board and accused them of caving in to Walmart's demands, when Walmart has bent over backwards to resolve the never-ending list of community concerns about their planned store in Aspen Hill.

And Elrich considers himself "business friendly!" Is it any wonderthat Montgomery County continues to bleed jobs and businesses?

Even more shocking was the hubris expressed by Leventhal toward the public witnesses who actually took the time to testify. He questioned their motives and demanded to know who paid for their signage. But when members of Casa de Maryland testifed before the council for more tax dollars for illegal aliens, Leventhal never asked who paid for their color-coordinated T-shirts or the bus service that delivered them to downtown Rockville.And he exhibits the same lack of curiosity when his buddies from the Service Employees International Union show up asking for special legislative favors.

Hopefully the citizens of Montgomery County will send this dynamicduo of duplicity into early retirement come the 2014 elections.

Brad Botwin


Social Security is not an entitlement

Re: "Core Values," March 27

I am not always sure if I should laugh or pull out what's left of my hair when a member of the media writes something ludicrous such as when Chris Core accuses those complaining about Social Security cuts of having a sense of "entitlement."

Mr. Core, I paid over $100,000 of my hard-earned salary into Social Security during the last 30 years. Expecting to see it on the other end is not entitlement, it's quid pro quo.

The bigger problem is that I likely won't see any of it because of the failures of Wall Street and the Republican-led government.

My response mimics Senate Insurance's ad: "Kiss my bumper!"

Doreen Turczyn-Toles