Another reason not to support McAuliffe

Re: "Virginia doesn't need Terry McAuliffe's brand of crony capitalism," Editorial, April 14

This Washington Examiner editorial outlines Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe's questionable business dealings -- which Virginia voters rejected in 2009 -- and rightly recommends they not put him in the governor's mansion in 2013.

Another very good reason Virginians should reject McAuliffe is his support for the abortion industry's stand against forcing abortuaries to meet medical standards that protect women from rogue practioners.

Congratulations to Virginia for setting a good example by forcing abortuaries to meet standards women deserve.

I hope the Maryland Board of Physicians, which has the opposite record, will do the same.

John Naughton

Silver Spring

Parents scramble as neighborhood schools close

Re: "11 campuses seek enrollment boosts," April 14

It is ridiculous that more and more public schools are getting shut down every year. As a result, parents are left searching for a school their child can attend.

The government is not providing funds to update books, technology and the necessary resources for public schools. Therefore the schools get shut down, and neighborhood families are left struggling to find somewhere to place their kids.

Public charter schools are only opening a limited amount of seats per year. They should be able to provide additional slots for new students who are not family members of those already attending the school.

I know from experience how frustrating it becomes for parents who apply to enroll their children in charter schools only to become a number on the waiting list -- which does not guarantee a foot in the door.

It's even more infuriating that this is happening in the District of Columbia, where our kids should be receiving the best education.

Vanessa Montiel


N. Koreans must account for U.S. war dead

One of the non-negotiable conditions for nuclear talks with North Korea should be the complete accounting for all American prisoners of war and those missing in action, as well as the return of the remains of U.S. soldiers still being held by the North Koreans.

While other conditions for talks are important, accounting for our missing soldiers who died there should be on the top of the list.

Louis Ginesi Dominguez


If Obama is a socialist, he's a bad one

Republicans like to quote Margaret Thatcher, who said:"The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money."

But if there was one iota of truth to Republicans' claim that President Obama is a socialist, he is a very bad one.

For example, even though housing is on the rebound and Wall Street and corporate profits are at an all-time high, why is most of the money in America controlled by a relatively small number of people? Yet the middle class has suffered greatly.

They can't have it both ways.

Jack Donner