Moran makes excuses for federal tax scofflaws

Re: "Bill to fire gov't workers who owe back taxes fails in House," April 16

To the 159 members of the House who rewarded irresponsibility and criminal behavior by voting against this bill, shame on you!

This is another example of how politicians do not really care about the fiscal crisis (federal workers owe more than $1 billion), and could not care less about accountability and doing the right thing.

Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., is positive proof with his ridiculous argument that federal employees have been punished enough with furloughs under sequestration. Are you kidding me?

That is no excuse to break the law and not pay your taxes.

Andy Reese


Gun control advocates not interested in real debate

Re: "Maryland gun law eyed as model for the nation," Washington Secrets, April 11

One beauty of the American system is that there is room for people with differing opinions, and there is merit in the exchange of ideas.

Gun control is certainly an emotionally charged and highly partisan issue, but Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., shows he is more interested in demagoguery than in having an open and civil debate when he urged Congress to "ignore" and "move the NRA to the side."

Cummings suggests the NRA is a faceless evil to be thwarted, instead of the millions of Americans the group represents. How would Cummings, or the media, react if a Republican suggested that Congress "move aside" the AFL-CIO, NOW, or Planned Parenthood when disagreements developed?

Look to the health care debate ("Get on board or get out of the way"), the "balanced" approach to the deficit ("No deal without tax hikes"), and the Maryland General Assembly's own gun control bill, and you will find that the modern Left has no interest in differing opinions.

Armed with a complicit press, they will steamroll any opposition to their agenda.

Jason Gustin


Christians now considered security threats

I went to bed a Christian and woke up a terrorist.As Gomer Pyle used to say: "Surprise, surprise, surprise."

It's no wonder people lock themselves in bunkers and want to be left alone.

What in the world happened? According to the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security, evangelical Christians are now a national security threat.I'm talkin' at the top of the list, folks.

John Adams warned us: "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

Jackie Lee

Mechanicsville, Va.