Bush's reputation permanently sullied by Iraq invasion

Re: "As Bush stays silent, his reputation steadily gains," April 24

I could not disagree more with Michael Barone's attempt to rehabilitate George W. Bush.Simply because some of those responding to polls either never knew what Bush wasresponsiblefor, or forgot what he did, is no reliable indicator.

Time has only enhanced our understanding of the magnitude of lies and stupidity behind the invasion of Iraq and the moral and physical damage to the Iraqi and American people that resulted from it.

To top it off, Bush's wife came out of the closet, so to speak, as a pro-choicer."W" kept that fact under wraps while giving lip service to the pro-life voters who tipped the balance for his election.

Thomas L. McFadden


Internet bill just another way to fleece taxpayers

Re: "Bill to levy online shopping tax passes key Senate test," April 23

In considering the bill that would mandate Internet retailers to collect sales tax, Sen. Mike Enzi is quoted as saying that it is "important to level the playing field for all retailers."

But there is a flip side to that coin. You could also "level the playing field" by doing just the opposite and not having any retailers collect sales taxes. While this is an admittedly glib comment on an idea that has zero chance of being adopted, it is no less reasonable than Internet tax supporters rationalizing the bill as "a matter of equity for businesses."

If we're honest, isn't this bill really just the next way to shake the remaining coins from the taxpayers' pockets to feed government's seemingly insatiable appetite for revenue?

Retired Air Force Col. Chris J. Krisinger


Traffic cameras are a license to steal

The traffic cameras in Washington, D.C., are really a license to steal from motorists. I visited our beautiful nation's capital during Easter weekend. While driving on Easter Sunday to attend the sunrise service at the Lincoln Memorial, a flash went off on New York Avenue. I thought it was a broken street light or something. The $100 ticket I later received said I was going 46 mph in a 35 mph zone. My wife says I will not get my allowance until it is paid off.

I know traffic cameras are a convenient way to boost the city budget, but a little common sense seems to be needed. It was 5:15 a.m. with no other vehicles or pedestrians in sight.

I am a law-abiding employee of the Department of Homeland Security who lives in southern New Jersey. My daughter is completing a temporary internship with the Food and Drug Administration in Silver Spring. This is what happens when machines replace humans who need jobs. A police officer would have used a little common sense.

I will never visit D.C. again.

Robert Ness

Clayton, N.J.