Obama ruthless on gun control

Democrats apparently know no bounds in their quest for gun control. The Second Amendment and the right to own firearms by law-abiding American citizens must not be overthrown by the Obama administration and the liberals in Congress.

Obama and his conspiring drive-by news media have ruthlessly attacked and smeared the Tea Party, conservatives and talk-show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Miichael Savage, Glenn Beck and other voices of freedom and truth. ...

There just is no excuse or any explanation for such uncalled-for and savage hate speech being leveled against law-abiding gun owners and red-blooded Americans.

We, the innocent, are being treated like lawbreakers. Our right to own firearms must not be infringed upon by the left-wing Obama administration.

Al Eisner

Silver Spring

Maryland Assembly embarrasses residents

Re: "Maryland gun battle reaches the House," March 31

The open chicanery in the House Judiciary Committee was shameful. We watched the vote count on Del. Michael Smigiel's amendment to hold criminals responsible for their violent acts with firearms.

What we saw was abandonment of any pretext of democratic process, and consciously choosing to protect criminals over law-abiding citizens. Shameful.

Smigiel's amendment would have toughened penalties for criminals using guns in violent crimes, and should have been a no-brainer. With all the clamor and pronouncements to do something about violent crime, shouldn't the Firearm Safety Act include something ... anything ... addressing criminals using firearms?

Sadly, other than punishing law-abiding citizens' ability to defend themselves, there seemed no stomach for dealing with the criminals that actually do the crimes. Shameful.

The amendment passed the combined Judiciary/Health and Government Operations committees with a clear vote count, and for the first time the gun control bill would specifically target criminals.

However, the leadership colluded to break parliamentary rules, arm-twist members and force a second vote. This time the amendment failed. Shameful.

The General Assembly is showing itself to be a radical, undemocratic organization bent on pushing an agenda, and citizens be damned. Naked out-of-control power has usurped citizens' rights under the Maryland and U.S. constitutions, and it is shameful.

We are embarrassed for the General Assembly and the once "Free State" of Maryland.

Melvin Barnhart


Hard times for middle class

Re: "American paradox: Harder to get ahead, easier to get by," April 1

Part of the reason why it's harder to get ahead in America today may be that on working-class wages it's hard to afford a nice home in a neighborhood with good public schools.

Actually, you may be able to afford the house, if you don't insist on a McMansion, but the land under it is likely to be much more expensive than a lot in a poor neighborhood where your children may not have much educational opportunity.

Likewise, if you want to go into business for yourself, buying land to operate on can be an obstacle.

We could raise taxes on land while cutting taxes on wages. That ought to please the Left by making opportunity more equal, and it ought to please the Right by cutting the marginal tax rates that discourage hard work and entrepreneurship. Taxing land does nothing to reduce the production of land.

Nicholas D. Rosen