A real 'national conversation' on race

Re: "America needs racial healing," March 31, 2013

In response to your editorial about a necessity for racial healing in America, let us make a reality check. America does not have a race relations problem. Rather, the conflict is entirely ideological, and race is being disingenuously used as a political "Trojan horse" to forward the cause of an extreme left-wing ideology.

The black population of America numbers somewhere around only 12 percent of the national total, so black America cannot single-handedly elect its choice of U.S. president without ideological sympathy from Hispanics, and from some leftward-leaning "enforcer" whites.

We should have a national conversation on why 90 percent of black America votes Democrat today in rejection of the Republican Party, when even Frederick Douglass was also a Republican.

Lawrence K. Marsh


Why blacks should support Second Amendment

"Because of its historically racist basis, the right to bear arms has been either historically usurped by bigoted state-sanctioned controls or has been intellectually, morally and emotionally usurped by the so-called teachings and suspect leadership of purported self-appointed leaders ... Consequently, why would I or anyone, give back a right that black Americans have died for access to or have been lynched as a result of the inability to embrace and effectuate that right?"

This is a quote from Joseph Davis, a black liberal lawyer who served as legal counsel to President Obama's re-election campaign. As Davis explains, gun control was a racist form of government tyranny designed to disarm blacks, who were then were easy prey for hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan.

Davis is not alone. Abolitionist Frederick Douglass declared that black Americans would remain free as long as they preserved "the ballot-box, the jury-box and the cartridge-box." Due to the origins of gun control, it is little wonder that black liberals like actor Samuel L. Jackson, rapper Ice-T and Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy also staunchly defend the Second Amendment.

Hence, gun control advocates like Greg Thrasher should not feel so morally superior. Instead, they should be pitied for endorsing a policy that has killed countless numbers of black people.

Frederick D. Weaver

District of Columbia

Don't Fairfax Fairfax?

Re: Fairfax residents unreceptive to plates

One more case of politicians jumping into an idea without doing enough research. This time I guess Fairfax County supervisors believe they know what their people will want without bothering to survey county residents. Their first misconception is that residents will want to display these plates to "show off their civic pride."

It's much more likely that any residents who do choose to buy the plates will do so to promote themselves, showing off to others in the region how smart they are to have chosen to live in such a nationally-ranked wealthy county.

Personally, having lived and worked in this county for almost 40 years and watched it explode, the last thing I want to do is to "promote" Fairfax County anymore to encourage even more businesses to locate here, more developers to use vacant land to build on and more people to live (and drive) here. A million plus people is too far too many already!

Bruce Remick