FBI documents dangers of firearm access

Re: "Politics and sports journalism don't mix," & "A modest proposal: The women's gun mandate," Dec. 6

It would be advisable for Gregory Kane and Jed Babbin to perform some basic research before ridiculing recent comments made about the danger of any and all having unlimited access to firearms.

The most pertinent research to whichI refer is to from the FBI.

Documented records from that agency show that any household that possesses a firearm is more than 80 percent likely to injure a friend or family member than an intruder.

-- Mark L. Reese Jr.


GOP can't afford to abandon pro-life voters

Re: "GOP should stay out of wars, including culture war," From Readers, Dec. 6

In his letter, William Adams urged the Republican Party to sink to the depravityof Democrats and abandon their pro-life position to win votes.But if they did, people who love God and respect all human life would not vote for GOP candidates. As James Carville says, "Democrats are low information voters; they would not vote for Republicans either."

So Adams' idea would be a disaster for the GOP.

His contention that if Roe v. Wade were overturned, abortion would continue, "just not in safe hospital settings," shows that he doesn't know that most abortions are done in abortuaries by abortionistswho are shunned by competent doctors.

Or that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that women's deaths from abortion doubled. And these are only the figures reported by the abortion industry, which is extremely imaginative at covering up deaths and injuries to women.

-- Carolyn Naughton

Silver Spring

Fairfax welcomes business with open arms

Re: "Intelsat to move from D.C. to Northern Virginia," Dec. 4

Pedro Ribeiro, spokesman for D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray, was quoted in this article as saying that the relocation of Intelsat's headquarters from the District to Fairfax County "is not significant to the District" and that "we look at this as an opportunity, not as a loss."

It's puzzling why any jurisdiction, including D.C., would not consider losing 430 high-paying jobs in the coveted technology sector a significant loss. Northern Virginia considers the fact that Intelsat will move those jobs to Tysons Corner in 2014 a substantial gain.

Hand in hand with the Fairfax Chamber and the business community, the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority works hard to diversify the county's economic base. Having one of the leading satellite firms in the world based in our community will add even more economic security to our already strong foundation.

Strong and consistent support for business reveals itself in the words and actions of public officials and their representatives. For any business that wishes to be viewed as "significant," Fairfax County stands ready to welcome them with open arms.

-- Jim Corcoran

President and CEO,

Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce