Major flaw in Obama's 'tax the rich' proposal

Cutting spending should be the first consideration for balancing the federal budget, but that solution never enters the minds of those who invented baseline budgeting and its automatic annual spending increases.

Over the years, our politicians have pushed manufacturers overseas with countless cumbersome regulations and the highest corporate tax rates in the world. Now they've come up with another scheme: "Tax the rich."

President Obama and Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley are quite clever to use this deceitful tactic, which gives the poor and middle classes the illusion they will be spared. They know perfectly well that when they tax the rich, the poor ultimately pay.

But Obama banked on the fact that the underprivileged and unsophisticated would not figure this out, and he was right. And did O'Malley honestly believe his "millionaire's tax" would only affect the wealthy?Millionaires left our state in droves, and those remaining tacked the additional expense onto the price of their goods and services.

Next time politicians inAnnapolisorWashington tell you they're only taxing the rich, grab your wallet, because everything will cost more.

-- E. Dee Monnen

Easton, Md.

Religious right ignores 'wall of separation'

Re: "Dumping religious right would be certain death for Republican Party," From Readers, Nov. 21

Joe Garber's version of American history is sharply skewed by his religious faith. Many of our Founding Fathers were deists who did not support some of the most prominentaspects of faith that Garber and his fellow conservatives believe intoday, from the existence of hell to the divinity of Jesus.

Most of them believed ina greater being, butthey deliberately created a constitution that does not mention God, faith or the Bible because they supported that "wall of separation" Thomas Jefferson espoused.

One does not have to believe in God to believe in inalienable rights. There are millions of us in this country to prove that point.It is ironic that people like Garber, whoare always whining about their own religious freedom being violated, are the ones trying to use the government to impose their religious views about gays, abortion or other personal issues on the rest of us.

That is not a winning strategy for a political party supposedly based on freedom for all.

-- David Lampo


Fiscal cliff more like a fiscal mudslide

Those of us who have already been down the road of failed government Utopianism are looking at the current political grandstanding in utter disbelief.

My first experience with economic collapse came during the Carter administration. Here in Buffalo, our strong manufacturing base was decimated by liberalism in all of its chameleon forms. Politicians, unions, the media and environmental activists all pounded one liberal nail after another in our economic coffin, and then these childish idiots declared theyweren'tto blame.

The current fiscal mudslide is being caused by the torrential rain of uncontrolled government spending. Taxing the rich is only a gimmick to truck in dry dirt. But if you don't stop the rain, it will soon turn to mud and slide back down the mountain of ever-increasing government debt.

-- Matthew R. Powenski

Buffalo, N.Y.