West's condemnation of North Korea is hypocritical

Re:"US, UN condemn North Korea for launch," Dec. 13

This condemnation of North Korea's successful science experiment, its satellite launch, was yet another example of a "nuclear apartheid," which condemns the "bad guys" -- Iran and now North Korea -- to the status of rogue societies.

Such condemnation evokes a strong remembrance of the Soviets' launch of their Sputnik satellite in 1957, which sent shivers through ourongoing Cold War and bringing us closer to a full nuclear confrontation.The Soviets, too, should have observed theGeophysical Year

from their own backyard, not outer space.

We must halt the hypocrisy and realize that the earth is not neatly divided into the "good guys" and the "bad guys."

-- Edward Abramic


Abortion is always a public matter

Re: "Religious right ignores 'wall of separation'," From Readers, Dec. 13

David Lampo claims that abortion is a personal issue. But the killing of an innocent human being either inside or outside the womb is always a public matter.

Abortion apologistsadvance ridiculous lies to justify the killing, beginning with "the baby is just a blob of tissue."Sonograms, fetal surgery and other scientific determinantsprove otherwise.

There are two groups in the U.S.: Life lovers try to followGod's commandsfor prosperous living. They want the freedom to do what is right to produce an enduring, just and peaceful society.

Death lovers reject God's love and seek the freedom to do what is evil and destructive. They will eventually destroy society, as there is no future in killing our progeny.

-- John Naughton

Silver Spring

Farmers already planning to dodge death taxes

Re: "526,421 family farms threatened by new death tax," Washington Secrets, Dec. 11

Paul Bedard has repeated an unbelievable claim about the effect of death taxes on family farms.

With an estimated 1,128,729 lawyers in the United States, each and every farmer has been contacted multiple times about setting up trusts and taking other legal measures to avoid paying taxes -- just like the city folk do.

They are not that stupid down on the farm.

-- Joseph Grcar

Castro Valley, Calif.

Local athletes are multitalented celebrities

Nats outfielder Bryce Harper, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III and heavyweight boxer Seth "Mayhem" Mitchell are fantastic athletes. They are also highly intelligent, multitalented and charismatic celebrities. I love their athletic arrogance and swagger.

Their animal magnetism uplifts Washington, D.C.

-- Larry Calhoun

Capitol Heights