Tortured logic used to justify abortion

Re: "No comparison between Newton massacre, abortion," From Readers, Dec. 18

Lawanda Yeager's response to Gregory Kane's Dec. 17 column shows the tortured logic liberals attempt in order to justify their murder of defenseless, innocent life.

Who can say how many of those aborted children would have grown up to be like Frederick Douglass, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, or even Barack Obama? We'll never know, will we?

Does Ms. Yeager know that many abortion procedures take longer to kill than a gun? Or that most gun violence crimes occur in places where no guns are allowed?

If teachers and administrators were allowed to carry guns, the Newtown murderer and every other school shooter would have been stopped much sooner. The same thing can be said for pilots and crew of the 9/11 flights.

Her concern about "young men who purchase guns off the street or have them handed to them" should be directed at Democrats who voted to support public school teachers unions, increase the minimum wage and grant unending subsidies that trap generations of "young men who get guns" in poverty.

-- Tom Cooney


Parallels between massacre, abortion are appalling

Re: The culprit: A society that devalues human life," Dec. 17

I normally find myself in agreement with Gregory Kane, who is typically insightful and on target, willing to criticize or applaud anyone deserving it regardless of political affiliation.

However, I was appalled that he would try to draw parallels between the massacre in Newtown, Conn., and abortion.Kane appears to see no distinction between a zygote, a fetus, or any of the other developmental stages in between and a living, breathing child.He stands firmly with the right in its belief that a woman's body is not her ownto control.

He then crassly accuses the president of faking grief over the recent tragedy, as though anyone who supports a woman's right to choose cannot possibly be horrified at the violence that occurred last week.I am pro-choice, and like most of America, I am horrified by the senseless slaughter of innocent people that has been occurring far too often.

For shame.

-- Jason Ramage


Israel's 45-year occupation must end

Re: "Support of Palestinians requires willful ignorance," From Readers, Dec. 14

Israel has every right to defend itself against terrorist attacks and Hamas rockets, which I join Jon Garber in condemning, but this does not justify the pervasive violation of human rights I witnessed in the West Bank, including the right of self-determination, the right of return, the right of assembly, freedom of movement, the right to property, freedom from collective punishment, the right to due process in civil courts, freedom from arbitrary searches and seizures and the right to family unification.

Garber is correct that Palestinians in Jerusalem are generally not as oppressed, but I saw the hardship from the "security fence" separating their communities. Refugees in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood told me how their houses were confiscated for Israeli settlers.

Israel's 45-year occupation of Gaza and the West Bank -- perpetuated by unconditional U.S. military aid -- is the underlying cause of violence and the main obstacle to a just peace. For either a two-state or one-state solution, the occupation must end.

-- George Meek