New Year's resolution: More self-reliance

Many of us will come up with personal resolutions for the New Year. This is exactly what we the people need to do for our country as well. We need some sort of collaborative resolutions to help others and better our communities.

I'm sick of the way Americans turn to the government every time a problem comes along. We even expect our government to "create jobs," but is that even its role?

I've always thought that the role of government was limited to promoting an environment that fostered life, liberty and thepursuitof happiness. In 2013, we need to focus on taking care of our own instead of waiting on the government to do it for us.

Yes, we need to hold our government officials accountable. We also need real reform and new leaders. But what we really need to do is decide what the role of government is going to be in the future. We can't keep expecting it to solve our problems.

I encourage everyone to work on becoming more self-reliant. Instead of asking the government to fix something, fix it yourself. Instead of expecting the government to pay for your retirement, prepare for the future yourself. Be a problem solver, not a problem reporter.

And in 2013, let's focus on our neighbors, our communities and our country. Government can't solve problems; people solve problems.

-- John T. Hill


Kerry is wrong choice to head State Department

Re: "Obama nominates Kerry for secretary of state," Dec. 21

Prior to announcing his nomination of Sen. John Kerry for secretary of state -- as a payback for launching his presidential career as the keynote speaker in Kerry's 2004 presidential bid -- President Obama put undue wear on his rotator cuff by patting himself of the back for his foreign policy and national security accomplishments.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's foreign policy and national security failures notwithstanding, Kerry is the worst possible choice to assume that vital post, short of being nominated for secretary of defense.

Indeed, Kerry's position as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and his relentless campaign to succeed Clinton is merely a veiled attempt to mask his anti-Vietnam War and anti-Iraq War betrayal of the military and his other anti-American activities.

Although Kerry is better than President Obama's first choice of "yeswoman" U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, he is nevertheless in line with Obama's highly disturbing, reckless and weakened American foreign policy and national security philosophy.

-- Daniel B. Jeffs

Apple Valley, Calif.

Once again, Cruise is too small for his role

Re: "Cruise thinks he is the right size to play Jack Reacher," Dec. 11

I find it hard to believe that Hollywood cannot find any good actors for a role in which the main character is over 6 feet tall and weighs 260 pounds.

Tom Cruise did not cut the role as the vampire Lestat, and he failed to come close as Jack Reacher.

Did you ever get the feeling that Cruise has first pick of any movie being planned for production? I imagine him saying: "Me, me, me! I'll do it! I can play an elephant!"

-- Bill Rice