Border crossings now at lowest level in 40 years

Re: Legalization-first could scuttle immigration," Feb. 15

Byron York implies that there is currently a border enforcement problem. To wit: "[Senate Majority Leader Harry] Reid is determined to push immigration reform through the Senate, whatever is happening along the border."

However, there have been dramatic reductions in border crossings every year since President Obama took office. What is "happening along the border" right now is that there are now fewer border crossings than at any other time during the last 40 years.This information is readily available on the Department of Homeland Security's website and should have been easily found out, assuming York did not already have these facts.

In addition to offering a point of view, a large part of a news organization's efforts should include giving readers the raw data affecting current issues. York and The Washington Examiner failed to do so.

Dale Rose

College Park

Violence against anybody is a local concern

Re: "Senate tries again to expand anti-violence bill," Feb. 4

Politicians seem to be capable only of posturing for the latest cause. Both the Democrats and Republicans got it wrong again as they try to add gays, lesbians and Native Americans to the anti-violence bill.

Violence against anyone is a local issue.Federal taxpayers should not have their wealth confiscated to finance federal involvement in local concerns.

Taxpayers should remind their congressional representatives that states, counties, cities and towns should be passing and enforcing these kinds of laws.Violence is violence, and it should be treated the same regardless of which group a victim belongs to.

Members of Congress need to read the Constitution, paying special attention to the 10th Amendment.

Randy Mathson


Population-control ideology behind contraceptive mandate

Re: "New Obama rule would spare churches but not believers," Editorial, Feb. 3

In an otherwise excellent editorial on the Obamacare abortifacient contraceptives mandate, The Washington Examinerwarns: "It would be a mistake for conservatives to frame this issue in terms of cost" because the ubiquity of cheap contraceptive pills disproves the case for a government mandate.

True, but the Obamacare mandate also forces insurers to provide expensive sterilization surgeries and implanted contraceptives for free for everyone from Newark to Beverly Hills. The administration claims -- without proof -- that it's justified in forcing insurers to provide such products and services for free because it will be cheaper to prevent babies than to deliver them.

So besides trampling on religious freedom, respect for the sanctity of life and private enterprise, the administration is also foisting its population-control ideology on the nation.

It's now up to the courts and Congress to stop his blatant deprivation of our Constitutional rights.

Jonathan Imbody

Vice president for government relations,

Christian Medical Association