Not fair to stick nondrivers with road costs

Re: "Va. tax swap will stop underfunding of roads," Local Editorial, Jan. 13

Roads should be paid for by those who use them, not those who don't drive. Drivers might think they are getting a break with the elimination of the gas tax, but they will be paying extra sales tax instead.

Now everyone will be supporting the roads. It is not fair. And this increase in sales tax will especially hit the poor.

-- Nancy Runyon


A fearful, ignorant populace is easily led

Re: "Gun owners should be liable for 'accidents'," From Readers, Jan. 13

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Madeleine Soudee is mistaken if she feels that "gunaholics are primarily responsible for the fear created by the misuse of firearms." Credit for that fear should be given to the mainstream media and our illustrious government. Keep the people ignorant and in fear, and they will welcome any government or regulatory involvement.

It seems to me that gun violence, indeed any violence, would be best addressed if the government simply outlawed killing, murder and assault.

Oh, wait ...

-- Ben Arnold


Obama is a pragmatist seeking middle ground

Re:" 'The Great Divider' preps for term two," Dec. 23

For Hugh Hewitt to speak of President Obama as "The Great Divider" is an insult to your readers' intelligence.

Obama has been a refreshingly pragmatic and honest leader seeking a middle ground, far more than George W. Bush or Bill Clinton ever did, and possibly even more than George H.W. Bush or Ronald Reagan.

Hewitt seems to live in a bubble, so here's a simple experiment.Talk to some of Obama's supporters and you will find that one of the things he is most criticized for by these people is how much he has been willing to give up and compromise to the intransigent other side of the aisle.

It takes two sides to work together.The oft-stated goal of the Republican leaders has been to get rid of Obama at any cost.

-- Craig Birkett


My home state of Maryland is a mess

Maryland has been pretty much wrecked since I was a kid. The ultra-liberals took over and scrapped the state's historic conservative governing principles. Now we have one of the world's biggest high-crime messes.

One in 10 citizens of Baltimore is a heroin addict. Montgomery County, where I live, is being drained of tax revenue to support Baltimore's welfare and imprisonment costs. Not to mention the schools there, where under the Thornton Plan, there is a very high teacher-to-student ratio with no discernible effect on test scores. Most kids there leave the K-12 system as unemployable, functional illiterates.

And consider Maryland's foreclosure law as an example of how not to govern.

Terrific affordable homes, which are currently vacant because of foreclosure in Prince George's County (one in 10 of all homes in the county), are being vandalized and burned down, even though it is pretty near impossible to buy a home for less than $600,000 in neighboring Montgomery County and the only ones still for sale there are candidates for demolition.

Maryland requires 500 days to foreclose, so these neighborhoods are rapidly becoming blighted and uninhabitable. Compare this with other states, which handle foreclosures in a more intelligent and productive manner.

-- Richard C. Kreutzberg