Gregory's violation will be swept under rug

Re: "Fairness issue at center of NBC stunt," Local Editorial, Dec. 30

This editorial failed to note the greatest hypocrisy in the collective response to David Gregory's illegal action.

Had NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre been the one stupid enough to have brought a high-capacity magazine onto the show, every liberal in the country would be shrieking for his arrest and incarceration if not his summary execution.

It will be both interesting and amusing to see how this situation is swept under the rug "in the name of justice."

-- Robert Klein


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Young children need to express natural aggression

Re: "MontCo school suspends 6-year-old for pretend gunshot," Dec. 30

This is idiotic. Imaginary gunplay is a basic part of the development of masculine identity. A boy of that age must express his natural aggression and learn, with the help of a good father figure, to control and channel it.

If it is suppressed inappropriately, this aggression will just leak out in other ways and not be properly mastered for the long term.

-- Sharon Kass

Silver Spring

Abortion restrictions are unconstitutional

Re: "Abortion fosters widespread indifference toward life," From Readers, Dec. 30

Dr. Grazia Mangano Ragazzi has a right to her opinions on abortion, but she shows no respect for the religious freedom and rights of conscience of other women.

Government has no authority under our American constitutional heritage of religious liberty to impose misogynist restrictions on women's rights. Neither the Bible nor science supports the notion that human personhood begins earlier than 28 to 32 weeks of gestation.

-- Edd Doerr

President, Americans for Religious Liberty

Silver Spring

Obama should help the children in D.C.

Re: "Team Obama still raising money -- off Sandy Hook shootings," Washington Secrets, Dec. 19

The value of human life is the same no matter the age of a victim. If President Obama is serious about preventing murder, one place he could start is his hometown. As 2012 comes to an end, Chicago just scored 500. That's the number of residents murdered by thugs with guns.

Chicago has one of the most corrupt governments, worst school systems and highest fatherless populations in the country. Although most people go home to visit family and friends, the Obamas prefer visiting places like Hawaii.

If Obama really cares about children, he should start doing something for his neighbors right in D.C.

-- Louis Gines Dominguez