Benghazi coverup is worse than Watergate

Re: "Hillary lashes out during Benghazi hearing," Jan. 23

Hillary Clinton is a master manipulator who knows how to play the farcical Washington games, especially when TV cameras are rolling. Her congressional interrogators also know how to get TV time, and that was what they were interested in during the Benghazi hearing -- not the truth.

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Clinton appeared to obfuscate and cover up for her boss, President Obama, as well as for herself. Obama and his cronies do not want to admit that al Qaeda is very much alive and thriving in Syria and other parts of the Middle East and Africa. In Benghazi, they flexed their muscles and proved they were in control by killing four Americans and destroying the American outpost.

If Congress really wants to get to the truth of the Benghazi disaster, they need to subpoena all of the emails, voice communication records, and documents from the White House and State Department having anything to do with Benghazi, Libya, and Islamists.

The Benghazi coverup is bigger that the Watergate break-in because Americans were killed, including an ambassador. All those who allowed this attack against America to occur should be prosecuted, and that includes lower-echelon employees of all the agencies involved.

-- Louis Ginesi Dominguez


For poor children, Head Start starts too late

Re: "Head Start's unfulfilled promises," Local Editorial, Jan. 17

This editorial states that a recent federal study shows that the Head Start program is a failure and a waste of money. However, there may be nothing wrong with it except that it starts too late.

Most child development authorities say mental stimulation should occur from birth to age 3 and beyond, rather than beginning when children enter Head Start. Impoverished children often do not receive the mental stimulation needed for their brains to develop properly, so it is unrealistic to expect Head Start to succeed when it doesn't start until after a critical development phase has passed.

The editorial also asserts that the absence of a father in many families contributes greatly to educational failure. But there is no evidence to suggest that the children of lesbian couples are any worse off than those raised in traditional families.

-- Charles M. Bagenstose

Upper Marlboro

GOP should go back to defending individual rights

The Republican Party is engaging in much soul-searching in light of its failure to stem the huge triumphal tidal wave of Democratic liberalism.

The word "Democrat" implies rule by the majority. But absolute majoritarian democracy was the furthest thing from the minds of the nation's founders as they sought to create a constitutional republic.

The word "Republican" implies this latter ideal. The GOP should return to the enumerated individual rights under the Constitution, which cannot be repealed by popular vote. This is the exact opposite of the Democrat idea of governance.

For too long, the Republican Party has vaguely identified itself as "conservative" without clearly identifying what it intends to conserve. It could broaden its appeal by clearly stating that it wishes to conserve the rights of Americans against the onslaught of tyrannical government driven by a ruthless majoritarian mobocracy.

-- Lawrence K. Marsh