Obamacare regs will drive many over the brink

Re: "The irony behind Obamacare's hipster tax," May 30

Obamacare is a real threat to one's sanity and financial wellbeing. This lousy, illegal, immoral, unread, and unconstitutional law became a law only after the Supreme Court forced the government to admit that it is a tax, which the government originally denied.

If Obamacare isnot repealed or doesn't self-disintegrate from lack of funding and the unfathomable rules and regulations and this train wreck is fully implemented, we can only hope there is a specific code for treatment of insanity caused by the Patient (Un)Affordable Health Care Act.

John Calhoun


Face-off in Syria pits Russia against U.S.

Re: "Hezbollah chief commits to victory in Syria," May 25

Hezbollah head Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah's statement that his organization, labeled as terrorist by our government, has now committed itself militarily to Hafez Assad defines the conflict in Syria.

The players on one side are Iran and its surrogates, including Hezbollah, the present Assad regime in Syria, and Shiite factions in surrounding nations, including Iraq.

On the other side, aligned with the Syrian opposition, are Sunni nations of the Middle East and not only the European Union, but the U.S.as well. With Russia's continuing supply of arms to Assad, the role of that nation in the conflict has become obvious.

The war now features Shiites on one side and Sunnis on the other; Russia supporting Syria and Iran in one camp, and the U. S. and its allies in the opposition.

While this Shiite-Sunni conflict is certainly not a repeat of the Cold War, there are disturbing elements present.Russia is no longer acting as a friend of the U. S. as it exacerbates the potential danger for our allies in the region, including Israel.

Nelson Marans

Silver Spring

GOP should ride IRS scandal to mid-term victory

Re: "RNC chairman calls for Holder's resignation," May 14

In the aftermath of the 2012 presidential election, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal counseled his fellow Republicans to stop being "the stupid party." Current calls by prominent Republicans for the resignation of

Attorney General Eric Holder and for a special prosecutor to be charged with investigating the IRS' abuse of power indicate they haven't taken Jindal's advice.

If Holder resigns, Republicans lose a big stick with which to beat the Democrats right up through the 2014 mid-terms. If he stays, he and the entire Justice Department could be the subject of

intermittent hearings and further embarrassing disclosures.

If a special prosecutor is appointed, the IRS scandal will simply disappear from sight until such time as he or she is ready to bring charges or close the file. That could well be past the midterms.

On the other hand, in the absence of a special prosecutor, several committees of the House could keep the pot simmering, bringing it to a boil whenever they choose.

By keeping the heat on, Republicans would not only strengthen and fire up their base while dispiriting the Democrats' base, they'd also make it harder for Democrats to recruit good talent and raise campaign funds. Sure, this amounts to cynical manipulation of governmental power for self-interested political purposes.

So? In the words of Chicagoan Peter Finley Dunne's Mr. Dooley, "Politics ain't beanbag."

Bob Foys

Chicago, Ill.