Holder's legal maneuvers are not an explanation

Re: "Journalists should not meet in secret with Eric Holder," Editorial, May 30

Consider: A government official conducts an "off the record" meeting with select groups to discuss that same public official's recent acts. At that meeting, privileged information -- as determined by some past legal practice and/or classification -- is discussed.

Is it possible that if this official is later brought to trial for violation of civil rights or provisions of the U.S. Constitution, a judge could rule that all information discussed in the "off the record" meeting is inadmissible regardless of the source?

While there are many reasons to request/demand a resignation from Attorney General Eric Holder, this latest maneuver requires both Democrats and Republicans to come together and use their constitutional powers to remove him and his co-conspirators from office.

If Congress does not use the Constitution to rein-in the use of legal intimidation against journalists now, it will become an accepted tool of this and every future administrations for whatever purpose they so desire.

This scandal makes Watergate look like a trip to Disneyland.

Robert Hyduke


Benefit of eighth period has already been proved

Re: "Silver Spring middle school parents fight elimination of class period," May 30

Parents have been given no evidence that student needs have been the focus of the schedule change at Silver Spring International Middle School. It is a bad idea based on three important data points:

1. SSIMS' achievement turnaround began when it launched its eight-period schedule. Today, African-American, Hispanic and FARMS students boast some of the county's highest math achievement rates.

2. Because Neelsville Middle School was struggling, it was also given an eight-period schedule, granted International Baccalaureate status like SSIMS, and implemented engaging electives that helped turn around SSIMS, including "Lights, Camera, Literacy."

3. Nearby Eastern Middle School switched from eight periods to seven a few years ago. Its music program has since shriveled and its achievement gap has significantly widened.

Why would Montgomery County Public Schools make another Downcounty Consortium middle school face the same fate? Why give Neelsville the beneficial eighth period, but take it away from SSIMS, especially after seeing the result of a similar change at a nearby middle school?

Cori Vanchieri

Silver Spring

MRI technology refutes abortion advocate's claim

Re:"Consciousness determines personhood," From Readers, May 31

Seems like every few weeks Edd Doerr writes a letter claiming that the preborn are not "persons" until their brain waves can be measured at 28 weeks' gestation.He has made a decades-long career of repeating the same old discredited pro-abortion propaganda no matter how many times he's been proven wrong.

Researchers using MRI scans are now studying brain waves of the preborn in an attempt to prevent and treat brain disorders such as autism and dyslexia, and correct other problems via fetal surgery. At just several weeks into the pregnancy, those scans pick up communication signals between more than 40 regions of the developing baby's brain.

This research has laid waste to Doerr's, and every other pro-abortion advocate's, contention that the preborn are not human and that abortion is helpful to women. Although we will miss The Washington Examiner very much, we will not miss his nonsensical propaganda.

William Luksic