Crony capitalists are no better than evasive politicos

Re:"Washingtonpoliticostake responsibility but not blame," Editorial, June 3

This editorial clearly describes the self-serving response of the federalpolitical class to crises of their own making.Unfortunately, it ignores the equally heinous behaviorof our so-called corporate leaders.

On Page 16 of the same issue, you ran a small article about theAtlantaTea Party challenging the Southern Co., amultibillion-dollar government-authorizedmonopolist.

In both cases, the common denominator involves the fact thatdishonest politicians and business people write the rules of the gameto benefit themselves, taxpayers and consumers be damned.



China is expanding right here in the U.S.

Re: "China skeptical of expansion of U.S. role in the Pacific," June 1

This article caught my eye.China is busy hacking into U.S. websites andis buying up American companies at an alarming rate.The latest is Smithfield, a longtime Virginia company.

I sure wish Congress could do something to stop this alarming expansion of China's role in the American economy.

Janet Robson

Falls Church

Americans need to face ugly truth about abortion

Re: "Consciousness determines personhood," From Readers, May 31

Edd Doerr, president of Americans for Religious Liberty, states: "The notion that fetuses prior to viability at 24 weeks are 'innocent persons' is unbiblical, unscientific and ahistorical."

So where in the Bible or the "scientific" literature is there evidence that pre-viable fetuses are guilty of some crime deserving execution?And having now conceded the argument that viable fetuses have consciousness "in the image of God," what sophistry will Doerr use to justify sucking the brains out of a baby moments before it is born, or cutting its spinal cord moments after birth?

For that is the terrible, ugly truth about abortion in America today.You cannot make it go away by ignoring it or averting your eyes.

Look at it.Deal with it.

Doerr is a humbug who has been pushing the same twaddle on this and other venues for several decades.The sad fact is that 40 years ago I bought into it myself, denying the obvious truth.

Then a wise lady, the late Mary Winter of a group called Women Concerned for the Unborn Child, said to me: "Someday your child will crawl up on your lap, hit you with a book, and say 'Read to me, Daddy,' and you will be changed."

Well, I got hit with a book not once but twice (just to reinforce the lesson). Now one of my adult daughters is pregnant with my first grandchild.

Through the miracle of ultrasound, I have seen that child's face well before its presumed viability. If your unborn child is known to you, then surely God knows your unborn child too. Don't lie to yourself, as I once did, that he or she is not a person.

Roger Johnson