Sorry to see end of Examiner's local coverage

Re: "The Washington Examiner to end daily print publication," March 20

This news hit me hard!I've read local newspapers for 50 years and dislike the liberal bias of the Washington Post and its highly superficial Post Express. I let my subscription to the printed Post lapse years ago.

I ride Metro daily and enjoyed The Washington Examiner, including the fact that it was free and was easy accessible at Metro stations.The Examiner is an outstanding alternative to the Post for its conservative tone while covering current events, sports results, and other breaking news more thoroughly and timely than the Express.

I also found The Examiner to be faith-friendly, while the Post is now acutely anti-religious. I fear it won't be easy to replace this source of news and commentary during my commute. The end comes when the online version of the Post moves to a paywall format, ironically presenting The Examiner a possible opportunity to gain readers and ads.

Jim Kenney

Falls Church

Expansion will desecrate Arlington Cemetery

Re: "Arlington Cemetery would spare just 8 of nearly 900 trees in expansion," March 14

It should come as no surprise that, after the hideous revelation that the officials responsible for maintaining Arlington National Cemetery had misplaced remains and mislabeled others in one of the nation's most sacred sites, they would propose expanding the cemetery by desecrating it at the same time.

I suppose we should be thankful that they've not also decided to raze Arlington House; after all, it's very old and surely doesn't serve our needs any longer. So why not remove nearly 900 trees?

Perhaps there is a point where Arlington National Cemetery will simply become full, and there will be no more room. Or perhaps there is a better way to expand, but the current leadership and the Army Corps of Engineers are not best suited to make that determination.

Jon Kalbfleisch


Muslims seek interfaith dialogue with new pontiff

Re: "Local Catholics praise choice of Francis as pope," March 13

The Roman Catholic Church enters a new era with the election of Pope Francis. The Khalifa of Islam and head of the Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim community congratulated the pope,urginghim to utilizehis officeto buildpeace and harmony among different faiths.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community hasalong history of working toward peace.The founder of the community, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad,echoedlessonsof peace originally preached by theProphet Muhammad.Muhammad frequentlyinvited Christiansto interfaith dialogues to work towardinterfaith peace.

In the same spirit,the Ahmadiyya Muslim CommunityinvitesPope Francisto work with Muslims indevelopingglobal harmony.A peaceful world can only be achieved if our two communities worktogether to promote it.

Nasir S. Jadran

Director of public relations,

Central and Northern Virginia chapters

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community