Maryland still condones death penalty for preborn

Re: "Death penalty ban exposes America's moral divide," From Readers, March 21

Maryland is the latest state to ban the death penalty even for the most heinous capital crimes; e.g. the murder of police officers, and the sexual assault and murder of little girls. This shows great mercy to the capital criminal.

On the other hand, Maryland sanctions the wholesale killing of little children in the womb, even those who are perfectly capable of surviving outside it. Their young lives are extinguished not because they committed any crime, but because they are unwanted.

Their most fundamental human right -- the right to life -- is in many cases painfully snuffed out without judge or jury or appeal of their sentence of death.

Maryland, where is the mercy for the preborn? Where is the justice they deserve?

Missy Smith

Silent No More Awareness Campaign


Examiner's departure will leave a void

Re: "The Washington Examiner to end daily print publication," March 20

Along with many, many thousands of D.C.-area readers I am sure, I am saddened by the announcement that the daily Washington Examiner will cease publication in June.

For the past few years I have started every day with The Examiner. I've been an avid reader in order to get a view of primarily conservative editorial thought, which contrasts greatly with my generally liberal views.Thanks for the "3-Minute Interview" on me last year and for the ink provided for a few of my posts in the now defunct "Potomac Diary."

As when the Washington Star folded and left us with only the Washington Post, the city will again be short on diverse voices with The Examiner's exit.But I will continueto follow your Web-only presentation in June, as well as your weekly print magazine.

Ronald R. Hanna


American exceptionalism is self-delusion

Re: "Don't rebreak Maryland's license laws," Local Editorial, March 16

The more we find ourselves in fiscal and executive trouble, the more we hear about American exceptionalism.

The Nazis were the first to ascribe the term "ubermensch" to Germans. Then came the Soviets, who tried to brainwash citizens of the USSR and countries they enslaved that the Soviet people were supermen.

All those claims, past and present, are nothing but politically motivated, self-serving lies, including George P. Bush's statement that he is constantly reminded that Texans are exceptional people, as Time magazine reports in its March 25, 2013 issue.

Let's stop hallucinating. No matter how much we try to flatter ourselves, Americans can arguably consider ourselves exceptional only when other nations do so.

However, if Annapolis authorizes the issuance of driver's licenses to illegal immigrants, Maryland lawmakers could arguably call themselves exceptional.

That is, exceptionally stupid.

Paul Kovac

Silver Spring