American cannot survive creeping socialism

Re: "Ted Cruz amendments: Repeal Obamacare, block Bloomberg-style soda bans," March 22

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz represents our founders' vision of liberty, as opposed to President Obama's crusade to accelerate the tyranny of socialism.

From its founding, America's vision has been slowly compromised by the subtle tyrannies of socialism. The result: a malfunctioning two-party system, systemic growth in government, failed socialized education, health care and welfare, extreme regulation and government spending, punishing taxes, unsustainable debt and the loss of our freedoms.

America will simply not survive without a return to our original principles.

Daniel B. Jeffs

Apple Valley, Calif.

Harry Reid dishonors seven dead Marines

Re: "Reid links deaths of seven Marines to sequestration," March 19

Sen. Harry Reid's comments tying the deaths of our brave young Marines (one of whom was the grandson of a very good friend) in last week's Nevada training accident to the sequester was unconscionable. I would have thought that a member of the U.S. Senate would be more sensitive to the patriotic sacrifice made by all U.S. service personnel worldwide without using their deaths as political fodder. I guess I was wrong. I feel sympathy for Reid's constituents, who bear the burden of shame by virtue of their putting this small man in the honorable office he occupies.

I understand that America cannot expect an apology from Reid, as he probably thinks that is beneath him. But those Marines died training to be the best of the best and protect his right to be a jerk.

May God save America.

Michael E. Barrett


Local news coverage will be sorely missed

Re: "The Washington Examiner to end daily print publication," March 20

I am very disappointed to hear that you will not longer have local news in The Washington Examiner. Although I don't advocate your conservative policies, the regional news you provided was A-No. 1.

Other newspapers do not seem to have the interest or the sources you do, so as a citizen of the District, I feel as if a curtain has been drawn.

Cynthia Ely


Commuters should walk to Metro

Re: "Commuters scramble to park at Metro lots," March 19

The opening line of your cover story ("Metro parkers are like vultures in search of a roadkill") illustrate the national condition of greed which confronts the average driver who trolls for these spots of respite during all types of driving -- commuting, recreation, shopping, visiting ... ad infinitum.

Improved roads and highways beckon more autos, which demand more parking. Indeed, "improved" parking is the nemesis of a civil society.

Just as obesity threatens to strangle the nation, walking -- which doctors say is the best exercise -- has now become a chore.

Edward Abramic