Thank U.S. for Muslim women's accomplishments

Re: "Muslim women have more rights than Westerners," From Readers, March 7

Aneela Wadan makes the claim that Muslim women have more rights than women in the West, and that this has been the case for 1,500 years.I won't speak to the comparison to Western Europe, but she obviously can't make a direct comparison with the United States, which has not existed for 1,500 years.

I would argue, however, that Ms. Wadan is being a bit disingenuous. She points out the successes that some of her female friends and peers have had, but she ignores one critical point.They were able to pursue their education and careers in the United States, where laws exist that do not permit religiously-backed sexual suppression.

Had her friend's mother from Pakistan remained in Pakistan rather than coming to the U.S., would she still have enjoyed the same opportunities?

There is a reason people from all over the world want to come to the U.S., and the freedoms and opportunities not found elsewhere area big part of the draw.

-- Jason Ramage


Cyclists endanger pedestrians, drivers

Re "Cars losing war for D.C. streets," March 6

Harry Jaffe is right to acknowledge the District's war on cars, but he's wrong to conclude that residents and businesses benefit from it. Cyclists in D.C. do not obey the rules of the road, and they put everyone at risk by failing to do so.

Bike lobbyist Shane Farthing promotes the myth that cyclists, who have no requirement to carry insurance, only pose a risk to themselves, but such an assertion is grossly false. Buzzing by pedestrians with only inches to spare and causing automobile drivers to suddenly swerve or slam on their brakes puts more than the cyclist in danger.

Commuting by bike may work well for those who can arrive at their jobs dripping with sweat or those not raising children, but people in different situations do not have that option. With a public transit

system that is over capacity, the D.C. Dept. of Transportation should reverse course by widening roads and promoting steadier vehicular traffic flow.

I would be remiss not to address the lie used by those promoting the war on cars that CO2 emissions cause climate change. If our elected leaders polled more than the scientists who tell them what they want to hear, the 98 percent consensus figure they claim would drop sharply.

-- Brian Wrenn


Obama administration hostile to marriage

President Obama's administration has become the most hostile presidency toward marriage and the family in American history. His radical policies undermine morality and ultimately do great harm to children and society.

President Obama's advocacy of anti-family and anti-marriage policies is so shameful, Newsweek magazine proclaimed him to be America's "first gay president."

Recognizing natural marriage as the union of one man and one woman is the first foundation of a stable and healthy culture,the federal Defense of Marriage Act affirms this common-sense definition.Granting same-sex unions the status of "marriage" would establish the irresponsible and dangerous policy that children do not need moms and dads to prosper.

-- Rose Cecil

Mechanicsville, Va.