New law will just attract more illegal immigrants

Re: "Maryland voters could decide fate of licenses for illegal immigrants," April 11

Let the people decide the fate of this law.

Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. says giving illegal aliens driver's licenses is "the responsible thing to do."Yet in the same breath, he also advocates taking away our constitutionally guaranteed Second Amendment rights.If Maryland legislators pass laws to "dry up the supply of illegal guns," let's dry up the supply of illegal aliens, too.

How will giving illegal aliens driver's licenses make our roads safer?Wouldn't it be safer to keep these criminals off our roads in the first place?

To get a license, illegal aliens will have to prove they pay income taxes -- which they can't, unless they have an illegal Social Security number, another law broken.They can't legally buy insurance either.

If ignorant Maryland legislators keep passing laws that attract criminals and repel lawful citizens, pretty soon Maryland will be the most violent state in the nation instead of the eighth most violent, according to the FBI. More illegal aliens leads us down a slippery slope that will result in more crime, fewer jobs for legal citizens and the degradation of living standards for all.

Jeff Underwood

Fulton, Md.

Real immigration question: Who do we let in?

Re: "Sen. Schumer sees deal this week on immigration," April 8

You cannot have an open immigration policy in a rich, overly generous welfare state.If we let everyone who wants to come into this country enter, we will soon have a population of more than half of a billion in just a few years.Since we cannot support that many people, the question is: Who do we let in?

A friend in the Philippines had worked for the U.S. embassy as a communication-computer engineer for more than 25 years when she first applied to immigrate to this country.Her husband also has a good job as an electronic technician, and their daughter is studying nursing.Their English is better than mine.

Because they are law-abiding people, they realize that they have to fill out all of the paper work, meet all of the requirements and wait in line for decades if they want to come to the U.S.So that is what they are doing.

Another person from a country much closer to the U.S. also wants to come here, but he is not educated, cannot speak English or even get a good job in his own country. He comes to the U.S. illegally. He knows that if he is caught and deported, he will be back next week, because he does not care about our laws.

I have lived in several different foreign countries for more than 18 years and have served as a sponsor for several families who came to this country legally.I am not against people coming to this country legally.But I am against people who ignore our laws and then demand that we give them amnesty and let them stay.

Richard Sweetland


Fair tax will only hurt the special interests

Federal taxation, which affects all Americans on a daily basis, is not a Democratic or Republican, liberal or conservative issue.

The Fair Tax bill would eliminate federal taxes on income and replace them with a tax on consumption of new goods and services.

Who wins?First, the economy wins, as our newfound competitiveness creates millions of jobs. Second, allAmericans will benefit when their gross pay becomes their take-home pay and states most likely replace their income tax with a consumption tax.

Who loses?Special interest groups, as politicians can no longer grant favors to supporters by creating tax loopholes.

Anthony Gasbarro

Fairhope, Ala.