Hoorah for Ryan

Paul Ryan is the right pick for vice president who will energize the Conservative base.

He is widely respected for his intellect, his ability to tackle serious issues and his leadership skills.

Ryan is also well respected and liked by independents and Tea Party members. He crafted the GOP's for cutting and slashing the out of-control Obama administration spending. Senate Democrats have failed to create a budget now for four years.

The Democrats' claims that the Paul Ryan Budget would end Medicare or hurt the middle class are nothing but left-wing rhetoric and a falsehood. Ryan has a great appeal to the younger generation who will stand to suffer and will have to pay off the debt created by the Obama administration.

Romney made a very wise and correct choice in selecting Ryan as his running mate, Romney and Ryan will give us our country back.

Al Eisner

Silver Spring

The little prince

With Prince Harry, being third in line for the succession to the British throne, we, along with his countrymen, can only pray for the continuing good health of Prince Charles and Prince William. While many may say that he is only sowing his wild oats, at the age of almost 28 he should have derived some common sense from his education and upbringing. At least the naked photographs of him with a young woman in the background were preferable to his showing up in a Nazi uniform. He has disgraced the monarchy and his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II.

If there ever were a reason for Great Britain to abandon its long-term monarchy, the ascent to the throne of Prince Harry would be the crowning factor. Let us hope that the union of Kate Middleton and Prince William will produce a replacement for the position of third in line of succession to the British throne.

Nelson Marans

Silver Spring

Obama's abortion position is extreme

Re: "Voters fret about economy, Dems focus on abortion", August 24. Byron York tells us, "There will be a lot of talk about abortion" at the Democratic convention. He cites statistics showing that many Democrats and independents don't agree with the Democrats' extremism on abortion and their emphasis on it over fixing their terrible economy.

We will hear a lot about abortion from the Democrats but will not hear about President Obama's extreme positions. Obama supports abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, even when it is extremely painful for the baby. He supports sex-selection abortion where predominately girls are painfully killed. He supports abortion for minors, statutorily raped, who will subsequently remain in sexual abuse situations. And he insists we all pay for these horrors.

Anyone with a smidgen of compassion for women and the preborn will reject Obama's abortion positions.

Diane Hess

Damascus, Md.

There are pro-life Democrats

Re: "Before 'legitimate rape' there was 'rape-rape' " Aug. 23.

Gregory Kane asks President Obama, "Mr. President, can you name one prominent pro-life Democrat?"

How about Bob Casey, Jr., who represents Pennsylvania in the United States Senate?

Craig Taylor