Blaming ALEC for Newton tragedy is despicable

The senseless and tragic events that took place in Newtown, Conn. have shaken us all. The American Legislative Exchange Council joins the entire nation in extending our sympathy to all the victims and their families.

I wish that our critics would conduct themselves similarly. Instead, liberal activist groups like Color of Change have used this tragedy to falsely accuse ALEC of collaborating with the National Rifle Association on model legislation. The truth is that ALEC has no affiliation with the NRA, which is not a member of ALEC.

ALEC is a partnership between state legislators, members of the nonprofit and private sectors, and the general public that works to support the fundamental principles of free-market enterprise, limited government and federalism at the state level. ALEC does not have any model legislation involving the NRA.

In the coming weeks and months, Democratic and Republican state legislators across this country will choose to deal with policy as it relates to gun issues in their respective state, but ALEC is not -- and will not be -- involved. Our mission will continue to be advancing fiscal policy at the state level, grounded in limited government, deregulation and reduced government spending.

While groups like Color of Change must be frustrated over their continuing failures to impose their agendas, exploiting the tragedy in Connecticut by blaming ALEC is simply despicable.

Ron Scheberle

Executive director,

American Legislative Exchange Council

UDC has consistently failed in its mission

Re: "University of the District of Columbia fires president Allen Sessoms," Dec. 19

The graduation rate for students at UDC is 8 percent ... after five or six years. For 30 years, this institution has continually failed to meet its mission. Why don't they just shut it down and use the money for scholarships for qualified D.C. high school students at other successful institutions of higher education?

For those not qualified for college level work, welcome to a union-sponsored trade school. Why should all the great-paying trade jobs go to folks in West Virginia?

It's tragic that we are sending our next generation of African-Americans to an educational system that has a pathetic 8 percent success rate. Their families need them to break the cycle of poverty. Our communities need them as leaders to better our standard of living.

Who is this institution serving? Surely not the

John M. Kane

CEO, the Kane Company


To protect students, armed teachers are best option

Re: "Gov. Bob McDonnell opens door to arming Va. teachers, principals," Dec. 18

At Fort Hood, Police Sgt. Kimberly Munley had no intention of carving two truisms into history for everyone to learn:

1. There is no way to prevent nuts or terrorists from killing unarmed and unguarded people, even soldiers.

2. When present and armed, a lady or a gentleman can save many lives by shooting or capturing attackers.

The lessons are stark, but hard heads refuse to learn. Knowing that the police cannot be physically present in time to prevent an assault, gun haters peculiarly demand that only the police be armed.

Pilots were rearmed after terrorists proved that airplanes filled with unarmed passengers and crew could be taken with just box cutters. So why not arm teachers, which is the lowest cost and most effective option?

Dan S. Grimes