No comparison between Newton massacre, abortion

Re: The culprit: A society that devalues human life," Dec. 17

I am appalled by Gregory Kane's column. His opinion is just his. If someone believes in abortion like I do, that is their choice and their prerogative. I don't need or wish to have Kane compare a massacre of 20 children in Newton, Conn. to my choice of having an abortion. They are not the same.

Who is to say which child born will turn out to be a murderer? We all make choices in life. We lead ourselves to believe that someone would never kill for whatever reason, but in reality we never know what someone may do.

Kane should write about how people are able to get weapons and how we can keep guns from getting into the wrong hands. I am not speaking of those who obtained a gun because their parent or relative purchased it. I am speaking about the young men who purchase guns off the street or have them handed to them.

I am very saddened for the families that lost someone dear, loved and close to them. For the children and adults who had to look death in the eye, and were taken so violently way too soon. Kane should let these families heal without comparing the way their loved ones were taken away from them with abortion.

He should also have some respect for the president. I would never have blamed him for the behavior of the young man who killed my son. I am sure that Kane was taught better than to express so much disrespect to someone in authority. He did not talk like that about the Republicans who had him in their pocket.

-- Lawanda Yeager


Jumping off 'fiscal cliff' may not be such a bad idea

Re: "While feds dawdle, states tackle fiscal problems," Dec. 16

On the "fiscal cliff" I say, "A pox on both their houses."

As an independent voter; I don't vote straight tickets. President Obama has offered no cuts in entitlement spending, and has instead proposed spending hikes. Speaker Boehner has offered no tax rates between 35 and 40 percent for high incomes, and no loopholes he would close.

Since I want a functioning government, I consider Obama's and Boehner's refusal to bargain shameful.

I'm also a fiscal hawk. The fiscal cliff would cut the deficit almost in half. Yes, that would hurt the economy short-term. However, most sectors are slowly moving up: jobs, housing, manufacturing, retail. I think the cliff's impact is way overblown, and that we'd recover and benefit from the lower deficit.

So we may be better off if negotiations go nowhere. Unfortunately, federal jobs lost in air traffic control, border patrol and law enforcement would create real problems.

-- Vic Simon

Takoma Park

Federal workers prefer to live in safe neighborhoods

Re: "GSA should ignore political pressure," Local Editorial, Dec. 10

As your editorial suggested, government agencies should do what is best for the taxpayers.

But one factor not mentioned in your editorial was that it is prudent for government, as wellas private business, to consider a location that is in an area that theiremployees actually want to live.

In Prince George's County, the crime rate is many times higher than in neighboring Virginia.Safety is importantto civil servantsboth on and off the job. This makes Virginia much more attractive for families, and therefore better for business.

-- Richard Tammaro