Politicians doing nothing to reduce massive debt

Re: "Obama takes hands-on approach to tax fight," Nov. 29

Our leaders in Washington are currently bickering over $75 billion in tax revenue, ignoring our serious financial problems. Essentially, they are doing nothing while Rome burns.

We have accumulated a seemingly staggering $16 trillion in debt, but this sum is the least of our problems. The current value of the debt we will accumulate in the future stands at a ridiculous $222 trillion, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

To put this in perspective, U.S. household net worth stands at $60 trillion. If tomorrow the federal government confiscated every personal asset in the country, it would only be funding 27 percent of its liabilities. This is how embarrassingly large commitments made by our political leaders, past and present, have been.

The United States is on the verge of a debt explosion. Within 15 years, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid will be consuming our budget and our economy. If massive reforms are not made today, America will join the long list of fallen superpowers relegated to the ash heap of history.

As a 20-year-old, I was raised with the understanding that in America, you should leave the country better than the one you inherited. Sadly, for my generation, that likely won't be the case.

-- Scott Ruesterholz


Republicans should stand firm against tax increases

Re: "Obama: Fiscal cliff failure would raise middle-class family's taxes by $2,200 nextyear," Nov. 27

President Obama's mismanagement and his total failure to show any kind ofleadership will cost the average American family more than $2,200 in additional taxes next year. His plan must be stopped now at all costs.

Remember, Obama ran his campaign on the false premise that Republicans are captive to the rich and out of touch withthe middle class. Now we are supposed to pay more to support his redistribution of wealth and hissocialistic policies despite the fact that government spending is already out of control.

Congress and conservatives in the House need to stand upagainst Obama now and vote against any of his proposed tax increases before it is too late.The Bush tax cuts that expire at the end of this year need to be extended.

This country neither wants nor needs a massive redistribution of wealth.

-- Al Eisner

Silver Spring

Western Montgomery needs public transit

The traffic congestion on Interstate- 270 south from Exit 18 is due to all of the new homes in Clarksburg and Germantown. Most of these commuters park their cars in Shady Grove or drive to D.C. since the Metro is not available here.

If Metro could be expanded to use MARC tracks to support Clarksburg and Germantown, with three or four trains per day only during the morning and evening rush hours, most of the congestion would be gone.

Another mass transit option needed: a direct bus from Clarksburg to D.C. or Rosslyn, similar to the one in Virginia.

-- Srinath Sankara