Cut foreign aid before cutting entitlements

Re: "GOP should demand entitlement reform," Editorial, & "At last, Republicans make their case to Main Street," Feb. 6

Wednesday's editorial conflicts with Michael Barone's column in the same paper. Main Street will become interested in entitlement reform only after it sees real reform of overseas adventurism and aid to foreign countries to buy hardware from our military-industrial complex.

The cartoon immediately below the editorial showingObama offeringEgypt the gift of "tanks and F-16s for you and the Muslim Brotherhood" while denying the gun rights of our own citizens was aimed at the president, but could just as well have been redrawn with the GOP offering military equipment to foreigners while denying Social Security and Medicare to Americans.

We are still incurring the cost, in blood and money, of George W. Bush's twonation-building wars, as exemplified by The Examiner story on Monday ("After spending $51b, U.S. can't verify size of Afghan security force") and the recent murder of a former Navy SEAL by an Iraqi War vet suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

While the GOP whines about cutting anything from the Pentagon's budget, it will continue to alienate the nonwar segment of its base that prefers to rebuild America instead.

Thomas L. McFadden


Grandstanding cops should have called parents first

Re: "Cops capture Mister Small," Feb. 6

Let me get this straight: Alexandria school officials learned on Monday evening that a fifth-grade boy had a toy gun with him in his bag on a school bus that day. They "immediately started an investigation." The next day, the police waited for the boy to arrive at school to arrest him.

Did any school or police officials proactively address the issue by speaking to the boy's parents before deciding to grandstand and make an arrest?

Schools Superintendent Morton Sherman was quoted as saying, "As always, we encourage direct communication from parents, including personal phone calls." Yet somehow, it was apparently too much trouble for anyone to actually pick up the phone and have a direct conversation with the boy's parents.

Evidently, the word "always" now has a brand-new meaning at ACPS, as does the notion of "common sense."

Laszlo Pentek


The Examiner downplayed main point of story

Re: "Texas man charged in fatal shooting of ex-SEAL sniper/author Chris Kyle," Feb. 3

It was hard to accept your downplayed, disrespectful reporting on the fatal shooting of "American sniper" Chris Kyle, who, thank God, got to publish his book before his death. Kyle was tragically and shockingly gunned down in peacetime by someone he was trying to help.

The wording of your front-page teaser, tying itself into a knot to avoid mentioning the main point of the story -- that someone had been shot dead with agun -- to focus on a subsidiary point contrasted starkly with the Express' brief, clear, straightforward summary.

I feel betrayed, having praised The Washington Examiner'sintellectual stature to many people for as long as the paper has been in existence.

How long will you continue to pander to the immoral gun lobby, which should more accurately be called the "Hide Identity of Gun Owners and Regulate None" lobby? Honest people, conservative or not, would concur that every gun owner should be registered as such.

Cary Hoagland

Silver Spring