Metrorail sacrifices safety for political correctness

Metro is at it again, wasting time, energy and funds in a pathetic attempt to improve rider safety. I'm not talking about fixing the massive backlog of broken escalators and fare gates, upgrading rundown and dirty train cars or even finishing the much-delayed introduction of cellphone service in all Metro stations.

No, this is about the constant playing of prerecorded Spanish language "safety messages" during all hours of the day, which WMATA justifies "in our quest to improve communications to our ridership".

Without any public input, Metro decided it would be a public service to play these 1.5-minute safety messages in Spanish. This from an organization that can't even communicate basic, real-time information regarding daily delays in service!

I took the time to question a few African-American station managers who were just as puzzled and confused as I was regarding the purpose and content of the messages, as they did not receive any prior warning. Some were angry, asking why WMATA was catering only to Spanish speakers and not to a variety of other languages used by Metro riders.

Almost two years ago when WMATA previously tried this stunt, I testified before the board and asked if, during a real emergency, passengers were expected to wait for the Spanish emergency announcement to cycle to English before we heard potentially life-saving information. Once you get past the politically correct nonsense, practical thinking about overall public safety prevailed, and the Spanish language messages were ended.

Brad Botwin


Al Qaeda was 'decimated' under President Obama

The events of this past Sept. 11 in Benghazi suggest thatU.N. Ambassador Susan Rice had it literally right when, on Sept. 16, sherepeatedly claimed that under President Obama, al Qaeda has been"decimated."

In its original meaning, "decimation" was the practice ofkilling every 10th member of a mutinous Roman legion to bring theremainder into line. However, as with the Roman legion, apparently some 90percent of al Qaeda remains to fight another day.

Bob Foys


High insurance driving private docs out of business

No one is looking at the real reason private doctors are no longer able to stay in business and have to go with managed care organizations in order to survive. The blame is unfairly placed on Obamacare, but the real problem -- which seems to be swept under the rug -- is the cost of malpractice insurance.

I was seeing my primary care doctor long before I was on Medicare. But having to pay $45,000 a year and more for insurance is the reason they have to close their doors. Why does the media ignore this fact?

Is it because so many of our politicians are attorneys and they do not want to hurt their income in case they lose an election? Or because the insurance lobby contributes big money to their campaigns?

We will slowly end the relationship we once had between doctor and patient. Two doctors I know are already so overworked they are too tired to listen. Let us try to stop this before it is too late.

Merry Grant

New Orleans