Obama administration refuses to accept responsibility

Re: "Obama's IRS and AP scandals cast Big Chill on free speech," May 19

After a stunning week in American politics, it is painfully obvious that the Obama administration is either composed of pathological liars or is the most inept administration to date.

The keynote to this deplorable week is the administration's inability to accept responsibility for the painful truth. The liberal Left does not acknowledge the role of individual responsibility and believes in a paternalistic government that intrudes into the daily lives of its citizens.

Not unlike dictatorships, the view from the top is that the masses are unable to make decisions and that they can be "guided" by the chosen few who understand all. They promise the masses anything to get their votes, but then give the people a limited role.

Thomas Winthrop


Hawking, fellow academics ignore real occupation

Re:"Israel deserves to be boycotted," From Readers, May 17

Why do so many continue the lie about an "Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands" when "Palestine" never existed, nor did the Palestinian movement exist prior to 1968?

If Edward Abramic claims this myth to be the reason for the Arab-Israeli conflict, he should be able to explain why the entire Arab-occupied world was committed to the complete destruction of Israel prior to 1967, when the Arabs illegally occupied the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Or at least explain why no effort was made to create a Palestinian state prior to 1967.

Meanwhile, Stephen Hawking and many other academics ignore the real occupation currently being experienced by the Copts, Kurds, Berbers, Assyrians and Maronites who are forced to live under the brutal tyranny of their Arab oppressors.

When the enemies of Israel refer to "occupied Palestine," they're referring to all of Israel.And yes, anyone who is against Jews having a tiny country of their own in their historic homeland while Arabs occupy a land mass nearly 1,000 times larger is most definitely an anti-Semite.

Jamal Conner


Walmart is dedicated to serving D.C. community

Re: "Walmart files lawsuit against grocery workers union," May 14

A recently launched campaign (therealwalmart.com) shows how Walmart really delivers low prices, creates career opportunities, and helps our customers. But as the company's regional general manager for the D.C. area, my job is to present the "real Walmart" from a different angle: our commitment to the community.

Here in D.C., we're looking forward to bringing low prices to neighborhoods that need access to fresh, affordable groceries, and career opportunities to areas that need jobs. We are committing to the D.C. community by partnering with the local nonprofit organizations that are making a positive difference.

I know these wonderful organizations personally. I've worked with so many of them to reach their goals, and served on the boards of Children's National Hospital Foundation and the Greater Washington Urban League. These organizations are the core of our community, and, to me, the real Walmart is our dedication to serving that community.

Alex Barron

Regional general manager and senior director,