President Obama to blame for IRS scandal

Re: "Congress grills IRS officials over targeting of conservative groups," May 22

Like most informed citizens, I am horrified to watch the IRS scandal unfold.Here is an agency with the power to destroy people's lives acting like the Democratic Party's personal pit bull, maulings and all. This much corruption must be cleansed from the top down.No matter what President Obama knew, or didn't know, about what the IRS was doing, he must be removed from office as an imminent danger to Americans' liberty.

If Obama ordered these partisan attacks, he's the single most tyrannical ruler we have ever entrusted with the presidency. But what if he didn't?In that case, he either knew what was going on, or he didn't.

If he knew, then it doesn't matter whether he ordered it or not.Obama swore to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.If he knew that an executive branch agency that reports to him was attacking citizens based on their political views and did nothing to stop it, he is too grossly negligent to continue holding any office of public trust.At worst, he is an accessory to these crimes against the citizenry.

If he knew absolutely nothing about what was going on in the IRS, that means he had absolutely no control over an agency he is supposed to be in charge of, which would be rank incompetence.

Either way, he needs to be relegated to the ash heap of history posthaste.

Trevor White

Silver Spring

Wind power enjoyed a record year of growth

Re: "Hard to find the return on green energy investments, May 16

Veronique de Rugy gave a misguided analysis of American wind power. Access to affordable, homegrown energy is the lifeblood of our economy. That's why federal policy has provided all energy sources with incentives, some for up to 100 years.

For a fair comparison, one must have historic perspective. According to the Congressional Research Service, federal energy tax policy focused almost exclusively on increasing domestic oil and gas reserves and production for more than half a century. There were no tax incentives promoting renewable energy.

American wind energy is succeeding because of private investment and technological innovation. Investment totaling $25 billion last year alone drove a record year of growth. As a result, newly built wind energy generation is one of the least expensive options, according to investment analysis firm Lazard.

The facts are clear: Investors and consumers both benefit from American wind power.

Elizabeth Salerno

Chief economist,

American Wind Energy Association

Obama trying to marginalize anyone who disagrees

Re: "Obama: HHS mandate prevents 'government meddling'," April 27

May 21 was the Catholic feast day of martyrs who were murdered in the Mexican Cristero War in the 1920s, when rabidly anti-Catholic President Plutarco Elias Calles, an avowed atheist and Freemason who openly hated the Catholic Church, set out to make it illegal for Christians to live their faith.

It's well to remember this bit of history as our own would-be dictator, President Obama, faces scandals that demonstrate his willingness to use his power to control the discussion and to intimidate any who disagree.

Obama also wants to impose regulations that make it impossible for true Christians to live their faith. Like all the big, brutal totalitarian regimes of the past, he is trying to coerce the churches into rubber-stamping his anti-Christian, anti-God agenda. Those that are fooled or knuckle under will be used to validate him. Those that stand firm are to be marginalized and regulated out of the picture.

At least Callas did not hide behind the cross of Jesus as he carried out the work of Satan.So in that sense, he was at least more honest than Obama.

Stephen Kosciesza

Silver Spring