Any other president would be 'toast' by now

Re: "Three of a kind for Obama and America," May 29

President Obama has abused his constitutional authority at least seven times during his White House tenure. It is very obvious that he fancies himself a king.

Is Congress too cowardly to impeach him? Rest assured that if the nation's first black president had been a Republican like Allen West, who dared to leave the liberal Democrat political plantation, he would have been strung up and horse-whipped by our corrupt news media.

But the true racism in America today lies in holding blacks to a lower expectation of behavior and job performance than expected of white people. A white president encumbered by so much scandal as is currently surrounding Obama would be "toast" by now.

It will indeed be very telling if Timothy Scott, the only black Republican now in the U.S. Senate, fails to win election when his appointed sojourn there expires.

Lawrence K. Marsh


Military's own policies encourage sexual assaults

Re: "Senator: Fire commanders allowing sex assault," May 26

As a retired Army officer who has seen sexual assaults ruin lives and marriages, I would like to know if President Obama and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel have asked why there are so many in the military?

Thanks to the media, the entertainment industry and the Internet, we have a highly sexualized society. Religious values, which could help mitigate the situation, are under attack. Marriage is down. Cohabitation and out-of-wedlock births are up. Sexual mores are nearly nonexistent in our "anything goes" society.

The military's desire to provide sexual/gender equality disregards the realities of human sexuality. We believe everyone can live in close quarters during training, share bathrooms, sleep in hot bunk tents together, and serve in combat operations in extremely close circumstances.And then we are surprised when explosive situations explode.

Sexual assault is horrible and unacceptable in the military or civilian society. But weakening the chain of command will make things far worse. If our leaders really want positive change, they must review the policies that have created this unacceptable situation.

Retired Army Lt. Col. Thomas J. Fields Jr.


Holder is investigating himself again

Re: "Justice investigating IRS targeting of Tea Party," May 15

From the time presidential candidate Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform America, we have seen the steady growth of government regulations and spending accompanied by insurmountable debt -- all supported by the liberal state media. Years of liberal indoctrination by the education establishment have left most Americans clueless about the Obama administration's insidious machinations to undermine the Constitution, or the deep chilling effect they have had on his opposition, as evidenced by the IRS targeting conservatives and the Tea Party and the Justice Department targeting the Associated Press and Fox News reporters.

As usual, President Obama feigned outrage when it was exposed, then fired the IRS commissioner and ordered Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate, even though Holder had signed the order to investigate James Rosen, Fox's chief Washington correspondent, as a co-conspirator on a national security leak.

Just like Holder investigating the "Fast and Furious" Holder about his blatant abuse of power, this is a redundant gesture.

Daniel B. Jeffs

Apple Valley, Calif.