Armed bystander could have saved British soldier

Re: "Must the U.S. learn the truth of Islam's cruelty the hard way?" May 30

The disarmed, defenseless subjects of the United Kingdom stood by and videotaped as Michael Adebolajo hacked British soldier Lee Rigby to death. Imagine if just one bystander had been a legal "concealed carry" holder as we have in 42 states here. That imaginary patriot could have come to the aid of the defenseless victim and saved him from certain death.

When citizens exercise their right of armed self defense and the states uphold the Second Amendment, criminals and thugs are far less likely to commit their gruesome acts in the first place.

If the U.K. similarly respected these rights, Adebolajo most likely would never have committed his crime and Rigby would still be alive today.

Liberals have killed more people with their "government-will-take-care-of-you" mentality than any other policy of the last 100 years. We need to stop it now, before we become Britain.

Jeff Underwood

Fulton, Md.

McCain should tend to business at home

Re: "White House moves closer to intervention in Syria," May 29

The May 29 Washington Examiner published a picture of Sen. John McCain in Syria.But it's extremely doubtful that openly expressing support for the opponents of Bashar al-Assad will help the average Syrian or be useful for the region.This is just another example of cruel, irresponsible meddling abroad and gross neglect at home.

I imagine the state of Arizona has many of its own problems. McCain should spend more time there.

R.J. Jones


Consciousness determines personhood

Re: "President must lead nation away from death," From Readers, May 29

The Rev. Michael Buttner rightly urges President Obama to oppose "evil," but wrongly urges that government deny women freedom of conscience and choice in dealing with problem pregnancies. The notion that fetuses prior to viability at 24 weeks are "innocent persons" is unbiblical, unscientific, and ahistorical.

The passage that persons are "created in the image of God" surely refers not to flesh, blood and DNA, but rather to the existence of consciousness and will which, we knowfrom science, is possible only sometime after 28 to 32 weeks of gestation. So Buttner seems to be more materialistic than the average atheist.

Perhaps he should reread the Bible (Genesis 1:27 and 2:7) and note that it does not regard early fetuses as persons.

Edd Doerr


Americans for Religious Liberty

Silver Spring