Clinton did only what White House wanted

Re: "Clinton was not a great secretary of state," Editorial, Jan. 25

Before blaming Hillary Clinton for the U.S.' obviously flawed foreignpolicy during her four years as secretary of state, one should examine her role vis-a-vis President Obama.Was she a loose wheel on his chariot, a fifth wheel, or one of the four wheels?

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If she was a loose wheel, then obviously much of the blame for our problems with China or Russia, not to mention the Middle East, can be attributed to her.

However, if she was the fifth spare wheel, then she was usedcautiously by the White House to project U.S. foreign policy.And, if she was one of the four essential wheels, then she was only mouthing the president's foreign policy.

I, for one, consider her one of the essential wheels, doing only what the president desired.Thus, the administration's numerous blunders as far as foreign policy is concerned should be attributed to him, not Clinton.

-- Nelson Marans

Silver Spring

Bieber's mom undermines conservatives' cause

Re: "Ending the travesty of taxpayer-funded abortions," Jan. 24

Sen. David Vitter, R-La., and Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tenessee's Op-Ed commemorating grassroots resistance toRoe vs. Wade exemplifies thenon sequitursupon which the "right-to-life" cause is predicated.

Even these distinguished elected officials do not seem to grasp how praising Justin Bieber's teenage single mother -- who "chose to raise him in poverty" instead of getting an abortion -- contradicts conservatives' claim that "children need a mother and a father" as a reason to oppose same-sex marriage, nonabstinence-only teen pregnancy prevention programs, etc.

In former times, especially among the middle- and upper-middle class, if someone's teenage unmarried daughter got pregnant, her parents (supported by the mainline Protestant churches, which still favor abortion rights) insisted she have an abortion.This was widely recognized as the moral and "right" choice because out-of-wedlock pregnancy wasverboten.

-- Dino Drudi


Obama is most pro-abortion president ever

The left-wing's obsession with abortion is increasing even as the population in general has moved more pro-life in recent years, especially young people who realize that a third of their generation is missing. Do Catholics and other people of conscience who voted for President Obama, and the church leaders who absolved them, bear any responsibility for what the most pro-abortion president in the history of the Western world is doing to the church, to the poor, and to the unborn?

They justified voting for pro-abortion candidates because they said they were going to help the poor and needy. But virtually every measure of poverty has gotten worse in the past four years.

Meanwhile, Obama and his backers have abandoned any pretense of "safe and rare" and increased funding for Planned Parenthood, which has done a million abortions in the past three years, decreased the "women's health services" that provide cover for its abortion mills, and been implicated in supporting the exploitation of underage girls.

Obama is now attacking Catholic charitable work -- which has historically provided a huge part of this nation's care for those in need -- if these groups do not agree to back Obama's radical sexual agenda, including abortion and all forms of birth control. Eliminating the charitable deduction to feed this tax-hungry monster would be the foundation for a socialist-style push to replace faith-based charity with big government, just like the failed model of the USSR.

-- Thomas J. Fields Jr.