Editorial misses environmental argument for Keystone

Re: "Keystone obstructions show how environmental extremism hobbles the economy," Editorial, April 24

Once again, The Washington Examiner missed the opportunity to add a good reason why we need to build the Keystone XL Pipeline when writing an editorial about it.

Should the pipeline not be approved, the Canadian oil would likely find its way to China -- where it will be burned less cleanly, thus adding to the world's overall pollution.

It would be great if you made this point whenever mentioning the pipeline in the future.It is my hope that opponents would realize that their actions would harm the world if the pipeline is not approved (and they would be blamed later for a typically short-sighted NIMBY approach.)

Mike Adelman


Will union-backed McAuliffe defend right-to-work?

Re: "Terry McAuliffe gets 78% of campaign cash from outside Virginia," April 23

Thank you for shedding light on this important topic.The often overlooked, but supremely important question: Where does Terry McAuliffe's campaign money come from?( I'm not even going to get started on his business money -- that's for another day.)

Some of McAuliffe's biggest donations have come from unions.While that's not too surprising given his endless praise of big labor, it should concern Virginians.Our commonwealth is very fortunate to be a right-to-work state, and because of this we receive a lot of economic benefits that attract jobs and businesses .

So it's worth wondering if union-backed McAuliffe would help to preserve Virginia's right-to-work status or work to strip the commonwealth of its competitiveness and endanger our state economy.

I hope The Washington Examiner will continue to look at where McAuliffe's money is coming from so that the voters of Virginia will understand the role union support would play in his policy decisions if he's elected governor.

Rosalyn Bellis


Let NRA be in charge of protecting students

Re: "Gun control doomed after vote in Senate," April 18

When the U.S. Senate failed to pass the most basic gun control legislation, it ignored the will of 90 percent of the public.

If our elected officials don't have the backbone to stand up to the NRA, then maybe the public should also acquiesce to the NRA's recommendation to arm school officials to protect our children.But the NRA needs to be the driving force behind curbing gun-related school violence.

And here's the catch:The NRA must fund all training, equipment, routine firearm and safety qualification tests, law enforcement supervision, as well as be accountable for any legal penalties, fines, or illegal behavior exhibited by armed school officials.

That's for all the 98,000 public schools, 33,000 private schools, vocational schools, community colleges and four-year colleges. The NRA made $227 million in 2010, so they can afford it.

As for our senators and congressmen who continue to vote "no" on gun control, we'll see what the NRA's severance package is when they're voted out of office.

Emilio Iasiello