Obama is Jekyll/Hyde when dealing with GOP

Re: "Obama's Report Card," Washington Secrets, March 11

President Obama is a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde when it comes to the GOP. One dinner for 12 Republican congressmen, albeit costing President Obama probably about $1,000 (with a senior discount for some of the invitees) does not compensate for past wrongs.

After he demonstrated on one occasion his willingness to negotiate with GOP leaders, days later he became an attack dog, accusing the Republicans of hindering his agenda.

President Obama cannot have it both ways.If you want to negotiate in good faith, you have to treat your partner with respect and demonstrate that bipartisanship is the only route to a solution for our economic problems.

-- Nelson Marans

Silver Spring

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Md. Dems have priorities upside down

Re: "Maryland House panel passes death penalty repeal," March 8

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and the Democrats in the General Assembly have their morals all upside down. They support murder of the innocents through abortion, but spare convicted murderers.

For them, O'Malley prefers a life sentence to prison without parole instead of capital punishment.

If he runs for president in 2016, I will vote for him only if he agrees in advance that he will take his oath of office while standing on his head.

-- Lawrence K. Marsh


Obama policies strengthen marriage, families

Re: "Obama administration hostile to marriage," From Readers, March 7

Rose Cecil wrongly accuses President Obama ofhostility toward marriage and families. But Obama's support of marriage equality does not diminish marriage or families in the slightest. It actually opens up marriage and family life to people who have suffered discrimination in the past.

And the president's health care, economic and education policies should strengthen families.

-- Edd Doerr

Silver Spring

Starve the beast' strategy hurts middle class

How do you feel knowing that your health care premiums financed the $5.3 billion the industry spent lobbying Congress since 1998? It did not improve health care at all, it just got Congress to promote the health care industry's interests. Lord knows how much went into the pockets of those who were lobbied.

Had we not had the Bush tax cuts, we would not be in this predicament. These right-wingers in the House of Representatives want to starve the federal treasury while the rich and corporate America are doing just grand. They could not get this done legislatively, so they starved our treasury.

Instead of cuts for the middle class because of this "starving the beast" mentality, we just have to get the corruption out of the health care industry.

-- Jack Donner