Cyclists think they own the streets

Re: "Cyclists endanger pedestrians, drivers," From Readers, March 8

As far as cyclists in D.C. are concerned, Brian Wrenn is spot on. A new form of road rage is erupting due to these inconsiderate road monsters.

I walk from DuPont Circle to Shaw every day, crossing with the lights in the favor of the pedestrian.I was knocked down crossing 14th Street by onepinheadon a bike. He juststopped for a second, looked at me andacted is if I were the offender.Of course, no police were in view.

Again, while crossing15th atP Street, I was walking with the green light and the "entitled ones" went right through the red light, almost hitting two of us.

On Massachusetts Avenue coming from Wisconsin Avenue they ride their bikes between the vehicles, weaving in and out of traffic.Or sometimes they just take up a whole lane, forcing vehicles behind them to change lanes. I have also seen somecyclists on their cells or iPhones.When acyclist is hurt in an accident, I am sure that at least 99 percent of the time it is the cyclist'sfault.

Things have gotten worse with the inception of BikeShare, as peoplerenting the bikes have little knowledge of bike safety.

Bicycles, be they owned privately or by BikeShare, should be registered just like automobiles.

Karen Isard


Islam gives women religious right to an education

Re: "Gender equality elusive in Muslim countries," From Readers, March 11

Steve Dowling's suggestion that Aneela Wadan go to an Islamic country, take off her hijab and talk to every man she meets is absurd. If a woman in this country did the same thing (with or without a hijab) she would be considered looney or out soliciting.

Also, what happened toMalala Yousafzai has as much to do with Islam as pedophile priests have to do with Roman Catholicism. The thugs that attacked Yousafzai areignorant of their own religion and havereverted to tribalism. The prophet Muhammad constantly spoke of the value of education for both men and women.Yousafzai deserves our praise for demanding her Islamic right to an education.

Oh, by the way, both backward Pakistan and backward Bangladesh have had women prime ministers while the enlightened United States of America has yet to elect a woman president.

Janice Prucker


Open government keeps public officials honest

As we celebrate Sunshine Week March 10-16, I'd encourage Washington Examiner readers to get involved in their local communities and promote the importance of open government and access to information. You can find out more at

Anyone can play an active role in government and help keep public officials honest, make government more efficient, and act as a check against waste, fraud and abuse of power.

Freedom of information isn't just an issue for thepress. It's a cornerstone of our democracy.

Join us and help make a difference in the battle against unnecessarygovernment secrecy and waste.

Jason Stverak


Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity