Criticism of American Legion commander is cheap

Re: "Not offended over Vietnam," March 28

I find it distasteful that Gregory Kane, lying in wait for an opportunity that has nothing to do with the politics of the Vietnam War, spreads his narrow-minded opinions on a topic that he is clearly uneducated about. And to do so by climbing upon the shoulders of the men and women who defend his right to openly express his opinion without fear of government reprisal or intrusion.

Perhaps Kane failed to understand that Vietnam was a proxy war fought between the United States and Russia, and that the former Soviet Union wanted to institute communism throughout that region.

Until Kane can walk a mile in the shoes of American Legion National Cmdr. James Koutz, a man who has dedicated his life to advocating for American veterans, he has no standing to criticize Koutz's outrage when the American contestants on CBS' "The Amazing Race" joined in a chorus of "communism is great" on national television.

Kane was "not offended an iota" because it wasn't important to him.Perhaps his cavalier attitude would be different if the show had been shot in Alabama and the contestants were standing in front of a rebel memorial, glorifying the Confederate flag.

Everything in perspective, sir.

Louis J. Celli Jr.


Same-sex couples will not destroy marriage

Re: "Supreme Court should stay out of Obama's war on marriage," March 28

What is it with people of a certain belief that they must insist that the institution of marriage is under attack?Marriage does not need to be defended.

Homosexual marriage does not in any way diminish heterosexual marriage. It merely makes marriage more inclusive.So please, let's drop the hyperbolic nonsense.

Rep. Tim Huelskamp then trots out the "for the children"tripe to defend his religiously defined stance on marriage.Swing and a miss, sir.

While many heterosexual couples choose to have children, not all of them do.My wife and I do not have kids, so you would be hard-pressed to convince me that marriage is for the sole purpose of raising children and contributing to the "efficient, secure and effective organizational unit of human society" -- whatever that's supposed to mean.

Jason Ramage


D.C. wastes yet more money on streetcars

Re: "Streetcars are D.C.'s 'Stumptown Slug,' " Local Editorial, March 25

Can anything be done to stop this boondoggle?The city proposes to throw good money after bad to achieve the "Metro connection" between Union Station and another inconvenient building housing Metro's Minnesota Avenue station.

We are likely to spend a lot of public money trying to make this flawed "connection" to the Metro at Union Station, which involves four escalators, and the equally flawed "connection" at Minnesota Avenue, only to replace them with additional public money spent on the Burnham Place project, which is equal in importance to moving the railroad station off the National Mall nearly 100 years ago.

In its fascination with "streetcars," the D.C. Council doesn't quite get this. But why invest in 1920s technology and nonadaptable foreign-made streetcars anyway? We've already been paying to test and maintain three expensive cars for six and a half years.

Dorn C. McGrath Jr.