Only thing worse than bad loser is bad winner

Re: "Examiner is out of touch with D.C.-area residents," From Readers, Nov. 9

As a Caucasian reader ofThe Washington Examiner, I was offended by J.K. West's race-based admonishment of the paper's editorial staff as a "team of older angry white men" who should be cashiered because their "right-wing" opinions against President Barack Obama and the Democrats don't appeal to "younger voters, Latinos and black Americans."

I am also a daily subscriber ofthe Washington Post, which has been characterized as a left-wing organ of the Democratic Party, but I don't hear anyone calling for the wholesale ouster ofthe Post's left-of-center stable of editorial and opinion writers because some deem their perspective to be prejudiced.

In the aftermath of a contentious election, the only thing worse than a bad loser is a bad winner. To call for the elimination of voices with whom one disagrees is something that is best left to fascists. In a democracy with a robust First Amendment, it is imperative to maintain outlets for a variety of disparate views.

If J.K. West and the coalition of the intolerant find the views ofThe Examinerdistasteful, the solution is simple: Don't bother reading it.

D.L. Frishberg


America well on its way to socialism

Re: "Four more years of decline," Nov. 8

Cal Thomas got it right in his column. The path that Barack Obama is taking us down will eventually end us with a new country, namely USSA: Ununited Socialist States of America.

Ralph J. Ambrose


Abortion was condemned before Christians existed

Re: "Abortion decision based on separation of church and state," From Readers, Nov. 8.

Edd Doerr's view is that only a woman has the constitutional right to decide social issues like personhood, paternity, child support, welfare payments and even when human life itself begins.His view is not biological science, medical science or Christian theology. Rather, like the Chinese "one child policy," such a view is valid only in terms of population control and political and public policy.

Abortion was condemned in ancient Persia centuries before the time of Christ and there's no substantial evidence that the early Christians condoned it. In fact, they scolded Simon the Sorcerer whose medicine bag no doubt included the same drug available in Persia to induce abortions.

Doerr's arguments, based almost entirely church/state separation and women's supremacy, should be rejected out of hand.

Donald Beck


Next generation denied American freedoms

At the close of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, a woman reportedly asked Ben Franklin, "Well, doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?" Franklin replied: "A republic, if you can keep it."

We know now that we could not keep it.We became too uneducated, too complacent and too indolent.

American exceptionalism is dead.I weep for my grandchildren and others yet unborn who will never know freedom and liberty.

Patrick St. Clair