Latest version of Benghazi as unbelievable as first

Re: "CIA deputy says Rice got incorrect assessment on Libya," Nov. 15

I submit just one word in response to the above article, in which CIA deputy director Mike Morell reportedly told a closed-door session of the House Intelligence Committee that U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice was provided an unclassified version of events at the U.S. mission in Benghazi that left Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others dead: Bull.

Let Morell or others in the Obama administration provide the emails or any other correspondence -- with dates -- that reflect his late and puzzling announcement.

Bernard Helinski


Obama's second term spells disaster for Israel

Re: "As rockets fly, Israel moves troops to Gaza," Nov. 15

President Obama's re-election is bad news for Israel, the only friend the United States has in the Middle East, which can no longer count on us. The Obama administration has been on the side of the Palestinians from the start, ignoring the fact that they are waging a terrorist war and their goal continues to be the eventual and total elimination of the State of Israel.

Obama's endorsement of the Hamas-led Palestinian state based on the pre-1967 borders was one of the worst and most dangerous foreign policy decisions he has made so far. He also alienated Israel by snubbing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Until the Palestinians learn how to get along peacefully with their neighbor, United Nations' recognition must be denied to them.

However, the most serious issue is Iran's continued attempts to obtain nuclear weapons so they can threaten and intimidate Israel and the whole Middle East. Obama wants to compromise and appease, which is not the way to deal with this clear and present danger. He cannot simply go on another apology tour to deal with this rogue republic.

Speaking as a Holocaust survivor of the Theresienstadt concentration camp in Czechoslovakia, may God save the Nation of Israel, which has endured so much in the past, if it has to go it alone against Iran.

Al Eisner

Silver Spring

GOP must dump the religious right

Re: "A changing America," Nov. 12

Cal Thomas fails to realize that the religious right is a millstone around the neck of the Republican Party. Social conservatives in office have spent money like drunken Democrats. They seem to see abortion and homosexuals as the greatest threat to our country, disgusting those who know that spending and liberty are all that matter now. This costs the GOP votes.

Left-wing educated elitists and atheists reject Christian mythology and run to the more secular Democratic Party. Fundamentalist Christians are seen as fanatics and a real danger to individual rights, including privacy, contraception, abortion and freedom from religion.

This doesn't mean that Republicans must compromise their principles to win elections. We need only to make peace with some groups: 1) by agreeing to remain neutral on abortion, neither sanctifying it nor attempting to use government to curtail it; and 2) by talking to homosexuals to see if we can meet them halfway by condemning bigoted statements and respecting scientific evidence that homosexuality is genetic and not merely a choice.

Without the religious right, the GOP could adopt Ayn Rand's ideas. Thus armed with capitalist principles, reason, logic and facts, it could go head-on against the Democrats' socialist ideology.

Doug Delmont

Waynesboro, Pa.