Demise of Hostess is end of an era

Re: "Ding Dong, Hostess is dead, and the wicked union did it," Nov. 18

No Twinkies, no Hostess cupcakes, no Ding-Dongs.

Instead, we're left with a ding-a-ling.

Roger Johnson


Obama, unions leading us right to 'fiscal cliff'

Re: "Ding Dong, Hostess is dead, and the wicked union did it," Nov. 18

The first people President Obama met with at the White House after his re-election were union leaders, obviously to thank them for their support.

The Hostess company went out of business because of the union's refusal to make concessions, putting all 18,500 of their members out of work. That's what President Obama calls moving "forward" -- but his forward is over the 'fiscal cliff.'

Politicians should stop using the term "forward" because what it usually means is metastasizing the cancer of government growth.

Daniel B. Jeffs

Apple Valley, Calif.

Offensive headline was unnecessary

Re: " 'Get her, bitch!' " Nov. 16

I am sorely disappointed by Friday's front-page headline. The intent and tone of the story could have been conveyed without using crude, offensive language.

Typically, I pick up a copy ofThe Washington Examineron my way to the office and bring it home to share with my wife, as we both enjoy your editorials and columns. On Friday, however, I had to remove the front page of the paper before I came home to avoid offending my family.

I hope that you raise the standards of your paper and this is not indicative of a new editorial direction.

Brett Sturken


Kwame Brown was just following the crowd

Re: "Brown gets one day in lockup, 480 hours community service," Nov. 14

Why was former D.C. Council chairman Kwame Brown given any sentence for lying to obtain a loan?Isn't that what millions of would-be homeowners did to obtain their fraudulent mortgages?Why do you think the mortgage industry called them "liar loans"?

Loan officers, colluding realtors, and title attorneys all knew the borrowers could not afford the homes they were purchasing.So why was Brown sanctioned, but millions of loan officers, Realtors, attorneys and borrowers were not, and millions of others who were just as guilty ignored?

We've got 536 liars in Washington and yet they are given a pass every day. If the government is going to enforce laws, they need to be applied equally to everyone.

Jeff Underwood

Simpsonville, Md.